Повик за Волонтер на веќе Одобрен ЕВС проект во Португалија!!!

Волонтерски Центар Скопје објавува  Повик за ЕДЕН  волонтер на одобрен ЕВС  проект Rio Maior Refood во времетраење од 9 месеци (03.03.2018 – 01.12.2018) во Рио Маиор, Португалија.

Подолу во текстот можете да најдете повеќе информации за проектот

Доколку сте заинтересирани да бидете волонтер проектот во Португалија, ве замолуваме да ни испратите ваша биографија на англиски јазик на нашата мејл адреса: vcs_contact@yahoo.comнајдоцна до Среда 31ви Јануари 2018 година!

Во очекување сме на вашите пријави.

Со Почит,
Тимот на ВЦС

Детали за проектот “Rio Maior Refood”:

Project “Rio Maior Refood

This is a social project developed in partnership with the “H2O” and theConference of St. Anthony of Rio Maior – Sociedade São Vicente de Paulo, and its senior volunteers. The project focuses on working together on an intercultural and intergenerational linkage of the volunteers involved, where the tasks are focused on the daily food collection and distribution of the same to the poor population of the county of Rio Maior. The families are previously referred by the social services of CM Rio Maior. This activity is performeddaily by two EVS volunteers from H2O and 3 senior volunteers from the Conference of Santo António de Rio Maior – Sociedade São Vicente de Paulo.

In addition to this daily activity, which consists of collecting from a supermarket (Pingo Doce) all fresh products donated and then delivered directly to the families enrolled in the Conference, they also carried out these direct collection tasks at the Food Bank of Santarém, where they are collected , Once a month grocery products that will be equally distributed later by the registered families. The process of selecting the families supported by the conference is to provide our association’s services with all the personally identifiable documentation, as well as the income and expenditure documents which will be analyzed later and is the basis for granting support. Currently, the Conference of St. Anthony of Rio Maior provides food assistance for the whole month to an average of 144 families with 80 children under 12. Fresh produce assists an average of 21 families (January 2017 data).

We consider a valuable contribution to our Association, the valuable contribution of young people who carry out their social functions, expressing great interest and care in pursuing them, thus understanding the social reality оf the municipality of Rio Maior.


Volunteers will play an active role in the host organization.

They must be prepared to develop socio-cultural and sporting activities together with the young volunteers of our association and will develop their own projects and activities.

The volunteer will receive personal support from the earliest days.

The volunteer will work within the youth work team and will develop activities related to manual, pedagogical activities and occupation of musical leisure, holiday camps, thematic weekends, activities for the children’s free time, photography, newspaper, outdoor activities and Sports activities, including others that volunteers propose.

The project has a clear structure, but we are also totally open to ideas that may arise before and during the project, and we are also able to adapt the motivations of the volunteers to our reality in order to best manage their motivations and get the maximum Experience and perspectives.

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