Отворен повик за волонтер на одобрен ЕВС проект во Шпанија!!!


Ви објавуваме повик за еден ЕВС волонтер на проект во Шпанија, со времетраење од 9 месеци (19.03.2018 – 15.01.2019)  со наслов “Voluntariado y Especificidad IX” во дневен центар  “Montes de Toledo”, во Толедо, Шпанија.

Подолу во текстот можете да најдете повеќе информации за проектот

Доколку сте заинтересирани да бидете волонтер проектот во Шпанија, ве замолуваме да ни испратите ваша биографија на англиски јазик на нашата мејл адреса: vcs_contact@yahoo.comнајдоцна до Петок 2 Фебруари 2018 година!

Во очекување сме на вашите пријави.

Со Почит,
Тимот на ВЦС

Детали за проектот”Voluntariado y Especificidad IX” во Толедо,Шпанија:

CECAP Joven, as resource entities Group serves as a coordinating entity to Town Hall “Los Yébenes”. From the premises of the day centre “Montes de Toledo”, CECAP Los Yébenes, Center where one of the

Volunteers would take place actions to carry out support in performance and – training “Servicio de Capacitación CECAP”

-The / the European volunteer/a making the SVE would participate in actions related to the areas in which the operator intervenes:

-SUPPORT for the objectives of people with disabilities (Personal training and accessibility, Area of job training and entrepreneurship and educational training Area).

-SELF-care: support tasks of rest, food, personal hygiene, self-image, adapted to the context of interaction, medical monitoring, support for attendance at the Dept. of psychology and coordination for the joint work of the objectives.

-Leisure and free time: participate in sports and recreational activities and free activities from the City Hall Toledo and other organizations in order to make an inclusive leisure.

-Transversely, will support these people with disabilities in the community context in social skills, functional and adaptive and in-home skills in communication skills and coexistence strategies in a way giving formal e informal.

In the same way, working with the community for the proper integration of participants in their community and in their immediate environment.

Service lines from the Town Hall of Los Yébenes in relation to young people of the region: actions:

-Assistance in the planning and implementation of literacy and reading promotion with children in the municipal library.

-Participation in the elaboration of projects in the field of prevention of addictive behaviors. -Support in the revitalization of youth information point to the promulgation and dissemination of information that is of interest to the young people of the municipality through social networks and information screens.

-Collaboration in supporting children in the English language.

– Support in planning, promotion and implementation of cultural activities in the Auditorium and other facilities, as well as in the management of inputs.

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