Ви објавуваме повик за ЕДЕН ЕВС волонтер на одобрен проект во времетраење од 5 месеци(8.07.2018-08.12.2018) со наслов “YOUTH GOING GLOCAL” во Кашкаи, Португалија.

Детали за проектот во “ YOUTH GOING GLOCAL
This project wants to make Cascais EYC2018 a key moment in the current international process of reinforcement of the youth sector and its organizations and policies. Hence, the project intends to develop meaningful youth participation and to foster social inclusion by empowering young people and including them in a structured dialogue on youth related policies based upon the concept of “Glocal” citizenship.
• To create opportunities for young people for personal growth increasing personal and social competences, thus creating the conditions to achieve their full potential.
• To explore and mainstream the new concept of “glocal citizenship” by sharing perspectives and experience, but also by creating new tools for education and dissemination purposes.
• To provide opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities to become key players in the global education sector by involving them in relevant “glocal citizenship” volunteering activities.
• To promote youth cooperation at local and international level, connecting relevant stakeholders and reinforcing the sense of European Citizenship, in accordance with the spirit of EYC2018.

Доколку сте заинтересирани да бидете дел од овој проект ве замолуваме да ни испратите Ваша биографија(CV) на англиски јазик на нашата мејл адреса: vcs_contact@yahoo.com, најдоцна до СРЕДА 21 Фебруари 2018 година!

Во очекување сме на вашите пријави.
Со Почит,
Тимот на ВЦС

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