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ЕVS in Portugal, Project “Agueda Volunteering Land”

I come form Kocani, Macedonia and I’m 21 years old. I am part of an EVS project called “Agueda Volunteering Land”, witch is taking place in Agueda, Portugal. Before I start speaking specifically about my project I want to share few things for my EVS experience in general. I’m on EVS together with seven other […]

Realized what I am not to do

So it is 2019. New Year, new projects, and I am sure there will be plenty of those, but for now, I want to go back a little bit, to the end of November 2018, when we had a seminar “Volunteering: Step Forward to Entrepreneurship and Employability”. If you heard anything about it, that means we […]

Пласман во финалето!

Уште два натпревари. Уште само два натпревари и Македонија има шанса да игра на Европско првенство. По успехот на македонскиот тим до 21 година кој играше на Европското првенство во Полска во 2017, каде за жал тимот не успеа да помине по подоцнежните етапи на првенството, сега се појавува ново светло на крајот на тунелот. […]

Through to the finals!

Two more games. Only two more games and Macedonia has a chance to play at the European Championship. After the success of Macedonian under 21 team, that took part in the European Championship in Poland in 2017 where unfortunately the team was not able to go through to the later stages, it appears a new […]

New language, new life

Fun Fact: Did you know that learning a new language stimulates the areas in your brain responsible for neuron growth? Stronger neurons make your brain healthier. Not only that, but they decrease the chance of developing memory loss in the later stages of life. Being exposed to a certain language when you’re young is definitely […]

The Smile on A child’s face

This article is the continuation of my previous text called: “The hidden story behind the images” that was in the October Voices. I shared there my experience in participation with the project photo and story that benefited NGO Educanepal. In this interview I will give a voice to Educanepal leader and soul: Jose Diaz. Since […]

Шутка преку моите очи

Веќе еден месец работам во Дневниот центар за Грижа, со локација во Шуто Оризари и досега имам многу научено. Работам со деца на возраст од 4 до 18 години и дневниот центар се труди на овие деца да им овозможи најдобра грижа, со цел тие да имаат подобар живот. Пред да дојдам овде, не знаев […]

Shutka through my eyes

I have been working in a Day Care Centre located in Shutka for a month now and I have learned a lot. I am working with children from 4 to 18 years old and the Day Care Centre is doing their best to give opportunities for the children so they could have a better life. […]

Thanksgiving essentials

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it was celebrated on 22nd of the month and I had the opportunity to celebrate it here in Budapest. The history of Thanksgiving is rather debatable, so I will focus on the aspect of having a delicious dinner with my friends. Having a […]

Why do I need feet when I have wings to fly?

She said once when the pain in her body caused by tragic accident in teenage time was unbearable. Even with constant ache that accompanying to her all life she never stopped live and love to the fullest. Symbol of emancipation, free bird and what is the most important extraordinary artist –Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y […]

Traveling ‘solo’ on the Caribbean islands

One of my best adventurous experiences was deciding to go alone on the islands where the salsa originated. I must confess that before my trip I didn’t have time to check any tips or experiences from the previous travelers around these islands. But that actually at the end was feasible because you will receive most when you will expect least. […]