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Bremen in my eyes

I have been living in Bremen since October. For me it took a while to feel like home, but day by day it captured my heart and it became a place that now I can say: I am home. Right beside Hamburg, Bremen is a city in the north of Germany, with a population of […]

The dark side of the smartphone revolution

The rise of social media and smartphones has transformed the way we communicate and connect with each other. But not only to the better. This article explores the issues of smartphone  addiction and security risks. I am an IT specialist by training. Nonetheless I remember fondly the days when we did not have smartphones in […]

Tom of Finland

Touko Laaksonen, one the most known picture artist from Finland, was born in Kaarina 8.5.1920. He has been called the “most influential creator of gay pornographic images” by cultural historian Joseph W. Slade and his work had significant impact on the late 20th century gay culture. Touko was born in a small town in southwestern […]

Losing the Cherry

Losing one’s cherry is a synonym for losing one’s virginity. It can be a nerve-racking situation to a lot of young people. There might be differences between girls and boys: how they see the situation, how they feel themselves etc. Depending on the country, there can be a big pressure from society either to lose […]

СЕКС! Со или без љубов?

Сексот без љубов и посветеност може да биде едно прилично несекојдневно искуство но многумина велат дека тоа е многу побогато искуство доколку е збогатено со љубов. Како и да е, врската помеѓу креветот и чувствата сеуште е многу силна во нашиот мозок. И во овој контекс можеби е добро да се преформулира прашањето: дали е […]

Sex! With or without love?

The Oxford dictionary defines love as “A strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone.” Sexologists, meanwhile, find a greater complication when it comes to defining it. Sex without affection can be a rewarding experience as the most, but many say that the practice is enriched when there is love. In any case, the […]

Добредојде за Дорис, нашиот нов волонтер од Полска

Здраво на сите! Моето име е Дорота но пријателите ме викаат Дорис (бидејќи навистина не ми се допаѓа моето име). Дојдов на ЕВС во Македонија за да излезам надвор од мојата зона на комфорт што ја имав во Полска. Не сум личност што сака да патува многу па така сум изненадена од себе што воопшто […]

Добредојде за Евелина, нашиот нов волонтер од Полска!

Здраво на сите! Јас сум Евелина и дојдов во оваа сончева земја од Полска. Многу сум љубопитна да откривам други земји и култури и имам доволно храброст да одам и да го откривам светот но сеуште немам доволно развиени способности да зборувам за себе па затоа не знам и од каде да започнам. Можеби треба […]

Welcome Doris, our new Volunteer from Poland!

Hello Everyone! My name is Dorota, but friends call me Doris (because I dont really like my name). I came to EVS in Macedonia so I could get out of my comfort zone which I had in Poland. I’m not a travelling person at all, so I’m really suprised that I actually decided to move […]

Welcome Ewelina, our new Volunteer from Poland!

Zdravo, everybody! I’m Ewelina and I’m coming to this sunny land from Poland. I developed the curiosity to discover other countries and cultures and enough courage to go and explore the world, but still I didn’t develop the ability of talking about myself so I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I should start […]

Annual EPTO event

On 22-23 September, Volunteers Center Skopje, represented by Andrej Naumovski and Vasko Joshevski, was participating in the Annual EPTO Event for Members 2018. It was a regular meeting of members of the EPTO network held in Modica, Sicily, and hosted by the non-governmental organization Attiva-Mente. During the event, representatives of organizations from Belgium, Romania, Portugal, […]