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Skateboard contest? Why not? When there are young creative people, a lot of love, passion, fun, and no time – nothing is impossible. This sunny saturday 23rd of March was a pretty good example for that.  Let’s start from the beginning. What can connect 2 volunteers guys from France and German? Of course, except for […]


Insects, you love them or you hate them. Well, most people seem to hate most of the small little crawlers with their tiny antennae and many legs. But insects are important, for ecosystems, for agriculture and who knows maybe for food in the future. For all their importance they are also declining, rapidly. A long-term […]

The Painter-King with the Five Skins

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian artist and architect. He believed that we can be like kings and queens in our own kingdoms that necessarily need to be close to the nature and colorful. “I want to show how basically simple it is to have paradise on earth”, he once wrote. Basically, through his works […]

Easter traditions in different countries

Easter is oldest and most important holiday of Christianity. The history of it goes all the way back to 100 century and its yearly holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The time of Jesus death cannot be determined with certainty, but the most probable dates are Friday 7th of April on […]

Vetë-Dashuria: Egoizëm ose forma më e pastër e Dashurisë

Sot është një temë e famshme. Shumë njerëz dhe artikuj na këshillojnë që ta duam veten më shumë, sikurse të jetë zgjidhja e gjithçkaje. Të gjithë këta ” pse nuk e doni veten, ” ” ju nuk mund ta doni dikë tjetër derisa ta doni veten ” dhe shumë më tepër. Fillon të tingëllojë si […]

Self-Love: Egoism or the Purest form of Love

It is a popular topic today. Many people and headlines advice us to love ourselves more, like it is the solution to everything. All these ”why don’t you love yourself,” ”you can’t love anybody else until you love yourself” and many more. It starts to sound like an obligation already, but what is self-love? Just […]

World without eyes.

Do you ever wonder how it is to lose your eyesight? What would you do if it would happen? How people can live like that? Franek is a normal man who went through this. Meet him! – Hi, introduce yourself and say something about yourself. – Hi, I’m Franciszek Kostrzewski, I am 26 years old, […]

Narri, Narro – Carnival in Southern Germany

Narri, Narro shout the demons in the streets. Narri, Narro shout the witches as they jump across the fire. What sounds like a scene from medieval hell is happening every year in the streets of towns and hamlets all across southern Germany. Carnival or as it is called there “Fasnet or Fasnacht” has its origins […]


Интервју: Силвија Митевска, параглајдеристка, автор на збирката раскази „Додека Данте спие“ и претседател на граѓанската организација ТАКТ Силвија Митовска лета со параглајдер уште од петнаесет години. Неколку години подоцна  се натпреварува на Европски и Светски Првенства во параглајдерство. „На тие моменти се потсетувам со многу љубов и носталгија зашто во тој период од животот летањето […]

Love and friendship – are they really different?

Once more, Valentine’s day has passed and we have exchanged little somethings and sweetnesses with our darling(s) or savored the bitterness of not having nobody with whom to share the date. One way or another, the occasion gives us food for thought about relationships. What is it that makes someone so dear to us that […]

Religion in 21 century

Religion is a subject that generates controversy in today’s society, because of the difference of opinions and how sensitive the topic can be for people. From my perspective, religion is the result of the human being’s effort to contact the “hereafter”. There are as many religions as people since each individual can interpret the sacred […]