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Small steps – big impact

Being a good human can often seem like an impossible challenge nowadays. Climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, war, crime etc. are such big things, what can one small human being do against them. Quite a lot as it turns out. On these pages we introduce a number of small initiatives that achieved big changes for […]

Kings and Queers

No, this is not a typo. LGBTQ+ is a topic that becomes more and more famous. It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and + to include all of the communities, since there are definitely more than five of them. We like to think that we are living in a free world […]

Интервју со поетската група „Заеднички шепотења“

Можеби најактивна група на поети кои организираат поетски читања во државава е групата „Заеднички шепотења“. Нивните активности докажуваат дека со упорност вистинскиот квалитет може да исплива на виделина. Не се ограничени на учесници од нашата држава и со возраст, но очигледно е дека бројот на млади учесници им расте. Долгогодишните известија од различните тела на […]

Chernobyl: An Animal Kingdom

April 26, 1986. The workers of the power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine were starting a test to see what happens during a black-out, when something went terribly wrong. A nuclear explosion instantly kills 2 workers, heralding a difficult time to come for the people of the city. The fire that was set free burned for […]

Добредојде Саша, нашиот нов волонтер од Германија!

Моето име е Саша (не Александар! Да, Саша е навистина германско име) но моите пријатели ме викаа “Снорpе”, јас сум од Магдебург/Германија. После скоро 10 години од волонтерска работа во полето на неформалното образование на млади и објаснување на децата од училиште колку корисно и прекрасно е искуството од долгорочна мобилност, конечно стигнав и јас […]

Welcome Sascha, our new volunteer from Germany!

My name is Sascha (not Alexander! Yes, Sascha is a real name in Germany) but my friends call me Snorre. I am from Magdeburg/Germany. After almost ten years of voluntary-work in the field of non-formal youth-education, telling school-kids how useful and awesome a long-term mobility-experience is, I finally got to making such an experience myself […]

Здравје од корените

Вештерка, овој збор не звучи пријатно. Тој нè потсетува на грда стара жена, со крив нос имрсна црна долга коса, што гори на клада. Сега ајде да ја напуштиме нашата имагинација и да се вратиме во реалноста. “Вештерка” била често дефинирана како жена која се занимавала со хербални лекови (фитотерапија) – третман на болести со […]

Health from the roots

Witch, this word does not sound familiar. It brings to mind an ugly old woman with a sinuous nose, greasy black long hair burning at the stake. Now let’s abandon our imagination and go back to reality. “Witch” was usually defined as women who dealt with herbal medicine (phytotherapy) – treatment of diseases by means […]

Giants Saga

Driven by the desire to promote theatre, it was in 1979 that Jean-Luc COURCOULT created a street theatre company called Royal Deluxe in Aix en Provence. His idea was to go into direct contact with the spectators without them having to lock themselves in a theatre. Then came the idea of telling a story to […]

Amazing Pakistan

What are your first thoughts, when you hear about Pakistan? Does it intrigue you, scare you, arouse uncertainty, arises questions, makes you go and search where is Pakistan on the map? For me, Pakistan is an inspiration. I’m still exploring more and more about it and it’s impossible to show you all the colors and […]

YouthFest 2019: youth stories – youth power

Brain drain is not what happens after spending too much time in front of Netflix but a serious issue affecting many countries in the Balkans. Young people don’t see a perspective at home and leave in search for a better future. What is necessary to make people stay? Youth Fest, a festival in Skopje, highlighted […]