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Rripi i Gjelbër Europian: Nga “rrip i vdekjes” në brez i jetës

Si u bë ish-”perdja e hekurt” zinxhiri më i gjatë i biotopeve të Evropës. Kur në nëntor të 1989-s Gunter Shabovski, Sekretari i Partisë Socialiste për çështjet e mediave, gati rastësisht, njoftoi hapjen e kufirit të brendshëm-gjerman dhe Murit të Berlinit në një konferencë legjendare për shtyp , njerëzve të Gjermanisë Lindore vështirë se mund […]

The European Green Belt: From “Death Strip” to Lifeline

How the former “Iron curtain” became Europe’s longest chain of biotopes. When on November 09th 1989 Günter Schabowski, the Socialist Party’s Secretary for media affairs, more or less by accident, announced the opening of the inner-German border and the Berlin Wall on a legendary press-conference, the East-German people could hardly believe their ears; and the […]

Splashing fun in the sun! – YE in Mugla, Turkey

Summer can officially start!! It was 26th of April, groups from all around the world took place in the youth exchange in Mugla (Marmaris), Turkey. The name of the project was “The time is now! Inter-cultural learning dialogue as a tool for new leaders”. Everything started with introducing each other and playing games. We were […]

Be online! Get in Anti-Discrimination NET

This week (15-23 of April) we had the privilege to take part in a youth exchange in Silivri, Turkey. Our team consisted of 6 participants who were actively involved in the project activities. Besides us there were participants from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria; 36 in total. With the help of amazing techniques of […]

Volunteering in Ankara

Selam! I am Martin Trajkovski, I am 22 years old and I am coming from Republic of North Macedonia. I just finished my Bachelor degree at Faculty of Law in Bitola (St. Climent of Ohrid University). Currently I am active volunteer and youth worker in a lot of projects in some NGO’s in North Macedonia. […]

Hello, this is weekend – Dina’s experience

Together with my friend we went to explore the city of Skopje. We walked through the Old Bazaar. There are nice restaurants with terraces for a drink or something to eat. Then we went to the fortress and we climbed on rocks to have beautiful locations for our photos. People in Macedonia are so open, at […]

Emma’s first weekend

Hello! I’m here for 1 week now and I’m going to tell you a little bit about what I did this weekend. When I finished my work on Friday, I decided to go climbing with Polish girl to Vodno mountain in Skopje. This place is a perfect place to chill and relax. On the photo […]

Europe – a vision for every citizen.

As the EU comes together for elections of MEPs in the Europeans Parliament it is wise and important to look at the place of young people within the present and future development of the EU.   After a historic EU parliament election cycle with one of the highest turnouts since the formation of the Union […]

Добредојде на Ема – нашиот нов волонтер од Белгија!

Здраво на сите! Јас сум Ема и доаѓам од Белгија. Следните 3 недели ќе ги поминам овде, во Македонија. Од АФС организацијата од Белгија дознав за овој проект и сега сум тука. Македонија е многу поразлична од Белгија па така би можела да излезам од својата комфорт зона. Јас сум повеќе тивка и срамежлива девојка […]

Welcome Emma – our new volunteer from Belgium!

Hello everyone! I am Emma and I come from Belgium. The next 3 weeks I’m going to spend here in Macedonia. From the AFS organization in Belgium, I heard about this project and now I am here. Macedonia is very different from Belgium so I could go out of my comfort zone. I am rather […]

Добредојде на Дина – нашиот нов волонтер од Белгија!

Здраво од Дина, од организацијата АФС од Белгија. Имам 18 години, доаѓам заедно со мојата пријателка Ема во Скопје која ја сретнав на состанок 3 недели претходно, за да работам како волонтер во главниот град на Македонија. Организацијата во Скопје е ВЦС. Јас ќе одам во Дневниот центар за деца од улица во Шутка. Јас […]