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Perception of time

How life is sometimes running and sometimes crawling, depending on what we do with it. Days filled with Life and Events are gone in the duration of a moment. Days filled with boredom and burdens, drift around without end. Like a summer nights dream, the easy days. Like waiting for death, the heavy days. Yet […]

The orientalism of the 21st century

Minimalism. Mindfulness. Meditation. Yoga. Silence of the mind. Elements very present in the present human western moment in time. One can’t go out for a walk in the neighborhood – in a middle-sized town or a great city, in Europe or Latin America – without running into establishments offering services related to these activities. The […]

Дванаесет зрна бело грозје за среќна нова година

На југот од Шпанија веруваат дека за нова година на полноќ треба да изедеш 12 зрна бело грозје за да имаш среќа во новата година. Тоа што е исто така интересно е дека нема да забележите полни ресторани и барови со локални жители, таму ќе видите само туристи. Локалните жители, без оглед на нивната возраст […]

Love for ALL / Liebe für ALLE! Sharing the message

Love for ALL (german: Liebe für Alle) is a non-profit organization based in Leipzig (Germany). It originated from an action that a bunch of people in Magdeburg (Germany) started in 2012. The idea behind it is to fight discrimination and share the message of tolerance, solidarity and love around the world. According to the activists […]

Where the heart has never been

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the borders? What lies deep under the ocean and up above the clouds? Do you find yourself dreaming about uncovering every story and legend hidden all around the world? Are you curious to see every beauty and miracle the world holds? Close your eyes and enjoy the ride. You […]

Дали некогаш сте слушнале за луѓето Sámi?

Тие се луѓе кои потекнуваат од северниот дел на Русија, Финска, Шведска  и Норвешка, во регион кој се нарекува Sápmi. Овој текст е за нивната древна религија. Древната митологија на луѓето Sámi била религија за природата, која го претставувала универзумот на три нивоа: небесниот свет, светот на земјата и светот во подземјето. Нивното гледање кон […]

Have you ever heard about Sámi people?

The indigenous Finno-Ugricpeople inhabiting northern side of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, in a region called Sápmi. This article is about their ancient religions. Sámi ancient mythology was a religion of nature that embraced the universe in three levels: the celestial world, the terrestrial world and the underground world. Their world view can be described […]

Zëra të humbur? Vdekja e gjuhëve dhe rëndësia e tyre.

Mendoni sikur jeni në një shfaqje kuizi dhe dikush ju kërkon të emërtoni përnjëherë 5 gjuhë. Cilat do të ishin ato? Me shumë gjasa gjuha juaj amtare dhe disa gjuhë të tjera që janë tepër të populluara, si: anglishtja, spanjishtja, frëngjishtja apo kinezishtja. Por a e njihni gjuhën lakote, piraha, ainu, guarani apo luksemburgishten? Jo? […]

Lost Voices? The death of languages and why it matters.

Imagine you are in a quiz show and someone asks you to quickly name 5 languages. What would you come up? Probably your mothertongue and some of the big and popular languages. English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese. But do you know Lakota, Pirahã, Ainu, Guarani or Luxembourgish? No? Surprise, there are about 6000 languages in […]

Sun is on my side

Believe it or not, but every time I will look into the face of the sun, from any place in this world, I will think of Macedonia. Sun was always on my side in here, giving me energy and leading me to do amazing. As well as the people, who are the soul and the […]

Theory of Everything

Quantum mechanics and general relativity: you have probably already heard about this. It sounds complicated and dedicated to an elite of gifted scientists. Actually, far from all these considerations, these concepts are approachable and chiefly fascinating! So, let’s start our journey from the infinitely small to the infinitely big (and mutually!). Did you say quantum […]