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Creative Writing as a tool for Community Change

With the training course ‘Creative Writing as Tool for Community Change’, we aim to increase competencies of youth workers and educators to explore ways of using creative writing as tool of addressing community issues and challenges and moreover as a tool giving an opportunity to the members of the community to express their concerns, ideas […]


The ultimate Portugal story Airports… Those with mirroring glass, As my reflection ghostly pass Quickly through the moving stairs… Ready to go, all the way, In that sunny ocean state, All over again To celebrate my day! CANDLES… Not numbers, Set on my cake instead… CANDLES make me happy While burning flames Create a dance […]

A language – what is that?

Why Dutch is just weird German and everybody in the Balkan speaks five languages. But really it is about language and how, and if, it is different from a dialect. That‘s easy, isn‘t it? It is what people use  to communicate with each other. And different nations have different languages, easy! Well, but consider Bosnian […]


ДАЛИ ИМАШ ИНИЦИЈАТИВА КОЈА ЌЕ ГО НАПРАВИ СВЕТОТ  ПОДОБАР? Дали имаш од 15 до 29 години, ентузизајам, желба и волја да ја подобриш твојата заедница? Поконкретно, дали имаш идеја или иницијатива која би спаѓала во некоја од овие области: Образование и доживотно учење (човекот учи додека е жив) Социјални и општествени теми (грижа за други) […]


DO YOU HAVE AN INITIATIVE THAT WILL MAKE THE WORLD A LITTLE BETTER? Are you between 16 and 28 years old, enthusiastic, willing and able to improve your community? More specifically, do you have an idea or an initiative that could fit within these areas: Education and lifelong learning Social and Community Issues Environment and […]

A Tree without roots

How does it feel to be a tree without roots? Freed from the iron grip of the soil Ready to go wherever it calls you To grow wherever you want. But without soil a tree is rootless and aimless, Where to grow to, where to go, with the roots in the air? No direction without […]

The future of gene editing

We all well know that us humans have been kind of doing gene editing for decades already. Or purposeful breeding if being more accurate. We have managed to create different dog breads by selective breeding for different purposes, some of them are really useful for helping us in various tasks and others, well…they are cute. […]

Kickoff: European Youth at the Frontlines of active citizenship, a Roadmap towards a collective “South-North-East-West” Momentum

Starting from 12th till 19th of March 2020 VCS Skopje was hosting the Planning Meeting for the Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together Project: “European Youth at the Frontlines of active citizenship, a Roadmap towards a collective “South-North-East-West” Momentum“. VCS Skopje is honored to be the Coordinating organization of this project. Co-Creating future opportunities tailor-made for […]

Добредојде Догукан – нашиот нов волонтер од Турција!

Merhaba! Јас сум Догукан, имам 23 години и доаѓам од Турција. Живеам во Кападокија (воздушни балони, оџаци од бајките…). Студирам на Универзитетот „Невшехир“ и имам уште еден семестар до дипломирање. Уште на првата година од студиите сфатив дека луѓето можат да прават луди нешта само поради младоста или само заради тоа што се млади. Па, […]

Welcome Dogukan, the new volunteer from Turkey!

Merhaba! I’m Doğukan, 23, from Turkey. I live in Cappadocia (air balloons, fairy chimneys…) in Turkey. I study primary school teaching at Nevsehir University and I have 1 semester to graduation. I realized in my first year at university that people can do crazy things just his/her youth. So, I leave my comfort zone and […]

Australia is burning

It’s not possible to pass by it in this beginning of new decade. Impossible, no, because it’s so big. Either by the size, by the intensity, by the duration. We are speaking here about the bush fires which are ravaging Australia. At least 25 dead, more than one billion dead animals, 100 000 people who […]