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About being young, talking with mom and dad, searching out there, and building your future

One of the defining traits of youth is that the amount of life we have yet to live is much greater than the one we have lived so far. Being young is being a subject in the kingdom of the -ing, experiencing, experimenting, maturing; not in the kingdom of the -ed, experienced, experimented, matured. Being […]

The beauty of useless pleasures

Today, April 11, 2020, the song of the South Korean boy group called Block B,  “Toy”, completed the fourth anniversary since its release. It means it has been a little bit more than four years that I have been listening to Korean music. The song, that is part of the album “Blooming Period”, was one […]

Safeguarding heritage, or how to create bridges between people

After the Second World War, the number of projects attempting to recreate links between countries through international heritage restoration sites increased. From this ideal, REMPART network was created in France in 1966, with a strong will to welcome volunteers from abroad on its restoration sites. Consisting of 180 local associations, the network organizes voluntary workcamps […]

Traveling by train and other digressions

Traveling by train is, in my opinion, a way more interesting experience in comparison to selecting the aircraft solution. This is even more accurate for an outbound journey. Here are first a few ideas related to this topic, followed by several thoughts tackling a wider scope. First, I think traveling by train is pleasant as […]

Is volunteering a helping hand for your future?

Can you combine the law faculty with other activities? How? Just do it. Do not think that you don’t have time (I won’t have anyway), that you want to be focused only on your courses (you won’t be all the time), or that you don’t know how to do that and that (you will learn […]

Diary of an EVS Volunteer in Spain – UPDATE

If someone had told us our world would be confronted with a pandemic at the beginning of 2020, we would probably have replied with a shrug and disbelief. No one would have ever guessed that within a short period communities from everywhere would be forced to adjust to major changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak […]


Imagine your life as a hiking trip. Wandering through luscious fields and sunny forests, sometimes also through steep valleys and over high and dangerous mountains, on and on it goes, without a clear goal you stroll along without being able to go back. Wandering through luscious fields and sunny forests, sometimes through steep valleys and […]

Fuqia e Mirënjohjes

Mirënjohje: Cilësia e të qenit falënderues; gatishmëri për të treguar vlerësim për dhe për të kthyer mirësinë (sipas Google Dictionary). Të gjithë mund të lidhemi me ndjenjën e të qenit falënderues ose mirënjohës për diçka. Si kur merrni një dhuratë që ju pëlqen vërtet nga dikush, dhe zemra juaj hapet dhe ju merrni një buzëqeshje […]

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness (according to Google Dictionary) We can all relate to the feeling of being thankful or grateful for something. Like when you receive a gift that you really like from someone, and your heart opens up and you get a big […]

Interview with Derya Yazar

She was born in Turkey, in 1971. She studied photography and videography master’s degree and a healthcare management master’s degree. She is named Excellent Honor Artist Photographer (FIAP EFIAP) by FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique). First, she started photography with newborn photos in hospitals. She has women entrepreneurship, communication, fast reading, sign language certificates. […]

Заробената принцеза

Си беше едно девојче, растено како принцеза и полека заробувано. Како? Па со помош на чувството на вина и страв, се разбира! А, и да, неизбежното осудување на сѐ и сешто од страна на луѓето околу неа. И така, таа живееше со правила, како „прави како што ќе ти се каже” и „не прашувај многу”, […]