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Тишината е моментот помеѓу две ракоплескања

Најголемиот дел од времето зборуваме за тоа што се случува, што е кажано, што создава врева и го задржува нашето внимание. Многу ретко обрнуваме внимание што се случува во меѓувреме, кога ништо не се случува. Кога сѐ е тивко. Кога единственото што можеш да го чуеш е шепотот на ветрот или крцкањето на дрвјата. Кога […]

Silence is the moment between two claps.

Most of the time we only talk about what happens, what is being said, what makes noise and demands our attention. Rarely we pay attention to what happens in between, when nothing happens. When everything is silent. When the only thing you can hear is the whispering of the wind or the creaking of the […]

How I will change society: Lina Staškevičiūtė

Lina is a 22-year-old multimedia designer from Lithuania living in Denmark. She is a professional hitchhiker, traveler, dreamer, and burner. She runs several art and community projects at Institut for(X) in Aarhus, Denmark. Among other projects, she started Aarhus Burns and “Foodsharing” Aarhus. Lina was selected for the project “European Youth at the frontlines of […]

Gati për një paradigmë të re kinematografike?

Le të ndalojmë pak dhe të zhytemi në elementet mahnitëse të cilat kompozojnë botën e filmit të regjisorit Christopher Nolan. Filmi i tij i radhës, Tenet, trajton mundësinë e rikthimit të rrjedhës së kohës. Imagjinoni për një sekondë sikur kjo të ishte e vërtetë, a nuk është fascinuese?Më parë ky regjisor në mënyrë magjepsëse ka […]

Ready for a new cinematic paradigm?

Let’s take a step back and dive into the mind-blowing elements composing the world of movie director Christopher Nolan. His upcoming movie, Tenet, deals with the possibility of reversing the flow of time. Imagine for one second this would be true, fascinating don’t you think? Previously, he brilliantly tackled dreams as the primary element of […]

Coffee, café, cafecito

Coffee. A black magic drink that over years is not losing popularity. It’s the opposite – coffee became an even bigger business in the modern world and you can see coffee places in every corner. Suitable for all kinds of people, celebrated differently in the world. From Italians who drink espresso as a shot, saying […]

How I will change society: Shubhdeep Singh Parwana

Shubhdeep Singh Parwana lives in Aarhus, Denmark and he is a cultural entrepreneur, artist and visual anthropology student. He finds inspiration in working with curiosity and ownership as methods to engage himself and others around him. His project is the creation of a mini festival and a series of different cultural events created by young […]

Environmental Literacy Network Project

Koza is a network among the NGOs which work about nature. Yuva association in Turkey is heading the project and Kyoto Club in Italy is the partner organization. There are 32 NGOs in the KOZA now and we started with capacity enhancing workshops. This is 3 years-long project. During this time, there will be many […]

Herstory: Malala Yousafzai

Our world and the way it looks and works is the effect of actions taken by many people before. It goes with technological development, a sense of security, human rights, or equal access to many goods the world offers us. We are part of the change movement because although much has been done to improve […]

How I will change society: Javier Esteves

Javier Esteves, Argentinian entrepreneur living in Aarhus, Denmark, has engaged into a social project called ”The New Creative Tenants”, where a group of 12 homeless Danish youngsters will start living in a cultural center called UngdomsKulturHus (UKH), as part of an experiment for social inclusion. Throughout this process, the main idea is to sort things […]

Бакнеж за крај

Некој мудар човек некогаш одамна рекол „се што е убаво кратко трае“. Па така му дојде и крајот на моето волонтирање во Алаурин де ла Торе, Шпанија. Гледајќи ги фотографиите и размислувајќи за сето она што се случуваше за време на изминатите осум месеци на лицето имам насмевка од среќа, а во очите солзи од […]