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Color Your Path

Life is short just as much as it is long, as happy as it is sad and as unpredictable as it is foreseeable. Some call this balance, some call it an unfortunate chain of events. I guess no one truly grasps the concept of life even though we are all living it. We may not […]

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The presence of humor can be traced back to thousands, or possibly millions of years. Even though humor and laughter are related, they are not synonymous. Therefore, humor is a cognitive process, which (not always) leads to laughter, whereas laughter is an activity that is experienced through a humorous stimulus [1]. Thus, in this article, […]

Covid-19 crisis in France: the day after

The covid-19 crisis, that reared its ugly head in Europe in the month of March 2020, is now celebrating its birthday: we all remember that time when, for the first time in mankind’s history, lockdown measures were enacted a bit everywhere around the globe, in a climate of intense fear due to the outbreak of […]

Being a Volunteer during the Pandemic

The situation we live in has been changing the way we are used to communicating, learn, and even how to behave outdoors. It has also worsened social inequalities. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, all sectors were affected globally and were forced to take measures. Volunteering was no different. This sector was also heavily […]

“Ndjenja e gjelbër”: Zilia, është shok, apo armik?

“Atëherë mbretëresha u trondit dhe u bë e verdhë dhe e gjelbër nga zilia. Që nga ajo orë, sa herë që shikonte Borëbardhën, zemra i gulçonte në gji, aq shumë e urrente vajzën. Dhe zilia dhe krenaria rriteshin gjithnjë e më shumë në zemrën e saj si një bar i keq, kështu që ajo nuk […]

The “Green Feeling”: Envy, is it Friend, or Foe?

“Then the queen was shocked and turned yellow and green with envy. From that hour, whenever she looked at Snow White, her heart heaved in her breast, she hated the girl so much. And envy and pride grew higher and higher in her heart like a weed, so that she had no peace day or […]

Sexual Education: “The System is Broken because we are not Educated on These Things”

Sexual education is a very frequent taboo. With the implementation of a pilot program to implement sexual education in schools as an optional class, the Macedonian government is taking the next step in this battle of disinformation. VOICES was on the field to understand how the lack of proper sexual education may impact youngsters in […]

Кирил Марковски: Силниот дух на две тркала

Македонскиот велосипедист Кирил Марковски (22) стана национален шампион на Македонија во Цикло-Крос. Тој е еден од надежите на велосипедизмот во земјава. Додека спортовите како ракомет, кошарка и, особено, фудбалототкако македонскиот национален тим се квалификува за Европското првенство, се широко прифатени и следени од луѓето во Македонија, другите спортови сеуште не уживаат таква популарност. И велосипедскиот […]

Kiril Markovski – A Strong Spirit on Two Wheels

The 22-year-old Macedonian cyclist Kiril Markovski became the national champion of Macedonia in Cyclo-Cross. He is one of the promising talents of the cyclist sport in Macedonia. While sports like handball, basketball and – especially since the Macedonian national team qualified itself for the European Championship 2021 – football are widely established and followed by […]

Зошто се уште постои Кралско Семејство во Велика Британија?

Британскотокралско семејство доживува бурни времиња последниве години: од вмешаноста на принцот Ендрју со осудениот Џефри Епштајн за секс-трговија до изјавите на Меган Меркл за расизам и недоволна поддршка од семејството. Само во 2020 година, околу 69 милиони фунти од даноци беа искористени за кралското семејство, повеќе отколку било кога претходно, според „Статиста“. Истовремено добротворното здружение […]

Why is there still a Royal Family in Great Britain?

The British royal family looks back at tumultuouslast years – from Prince Andrew’s involvement with the convicted sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to Meghan Markle’s claims about the racism and lack of support within the family. Only in the year 2020 around 69 million pounds of taxes were used for the royalfamily – more than ever before, […]