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“The kindness that’s shown to me by doctors as well as my family, and my friends, it’s really saved my life”Lady Gaga The current pandemic and the resulting global economic recession have negatively affected people’s mental health: social isolation and job loss are triggering mental health conditions. Trajectories of anxiety and depressive symptoms and trends […]

Волонтерски менаџмент за поголеми успеси и посреќни волонтери

Волонтерски Центар Скопје  продолжува со активностите поврзани со  проектот “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” – TEHV за програмата EU Aid Volunteers.   На 01.12, 02,12 и 03.12.2020 се одржаа онлајн тренинзи на кои беа претставени алатки и начини за правилно детерминирање на потребите на организацијата домаќин, потребите на волонтерите, како и правилна евалуација на резултатите од […]

Volunteer management for greater success and happier volunteers

Volunteer Centre Skopje continues with the activities related to the project “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” – TEHV for the EU Aid Volunteers program. Between 1-3.12.2020 online trainings were held which presented tools and ways to properly determine the needs of the host organization, the needs of the volunteers, as well as the proper evaluation of […]

Мала девојка за големи проекти: Добредојде Клариса од Германија

Неочекувана разделба и погрешен избор на работа ме донесоа во Македонија – и сега го живеам својот сон. Пред четири месеци го завршив средното образование во Германија. Уживав во удобноста на средениот живот. По матурирањето, се соочив со ненадејни промени со кои беше тешко да се справам. Во еден момент, решив да ги испробам новите […]

Small girl for big projects: Welcome Clarissa from Germany!

An unexpected breakup and the wrong job choice brought me to Macedonia: Now I am living my dream. Four months ago I went to a German high school. I enjoyed the comfort of a well-structured life. After my graduation, I faced sudden changes that were difficult to cope with. In a moment of distress, I […]

The singular fact of the month: Insolita Emilia Romagna

The magazine Courrier International translated an article written by Francesco Dradi from the recently created Italian newspaper Domani, “Assalto ai porcini, il bene comune dei boschi vittima del business”, which goes off the beaten track. This enlightening piece of writing tackles an allegedly unusual dispute over territory in the Apennines mountains, located in the Italian […]

Flat Earth, YouTube and community: how did we get here?

It started small, with meetings attended by only three people. They got used to being mocked and to be called the “crazy conspiracy guys”. Friendships and relationships were broken, but they stay strong. Since it went online 14 years ago, The Flat Earth Society Forum has 24.700 members and the Flat Earth Society Twitter account […]

The “scarring effect” on youth employment during the pandemic

Several recessions have allowed experts to study its short and long-term effects on the labor market, especially in youth, one of the most vulnerable groups. Even though this time the source is a pandemic, studies say its effects will most likely be the same. The difficulty of finding a job due to the pandemic and […]

Како боите комуницираат: Кратка приказна за Pantone

Можете ли да го видите светлото на крајот од тунелот? Може ли да ја именуваме 2020 година – „Тунел“ и 2021 година – „Светло“? Се разбира, повеќето од нас очекуваат посветла иднина, со надеж и очекувања. На човештвото му е потребна светлост сега повеќе отколку било кога и потребно му е да биде цврсто како […]

How the colors communicate: A short story of Pantone

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Can we name the year 2020 – “the tunnel” and 2021 – “the light”? Surely, most of us look brighter in the future, with hopes and expectations. Humanity needs light now more than ever and needs to be as solid as rock at the […]

New year, new volunteer! Hello to Chris from Germany

Servus guys, this is Chris from Germany. I was born in Rudolstadt, a small city in the state of Thuringia, the “green heart of Germany”. 21 years later and approximately 40 kilometres further I started studying Business Administration and Economics in the beautiful city of Jena. Eventually, since the end of the year 2018 I […]