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From USA to Macedonia: why the Steads came to volunteer in Skopje

With their two small Maltese, the retired North American couple is already used to move around – after living in the Bahamas for five years, their latest choice was Skopje, Macedonia. In our first episode, we talk with Edward Stead and Elen Wright-Stead about helping out as they can in a foreign country while they […]

A Short Introduction to Our Lovely Relative – the Bonobo

Except you are planning to go on an expedition to the rainforest of the southern Congo, only in 19 zoos worldwide can you find the closest relative to the human race, the bonobo. But why can he be found only so rarely in the zoo? It might have to do with bonobos being a highly […]

A Diary of a Nomad

Once upon a time… no, wait, this is too cliché to start an article. But what exactly is cliché? By definition, it is “an idea that has lost originality and impact by long overuse.” Sometimes we’re all are cliché, mainly because we want to create something original that is not seen before, not knowing that […]

“Lower your expectations” – How to land a role in a Netflix show 

Hollywood, a glamorous lifestyle, and a full bank account – that’s how many people imagine the life of an actor. However, being an actor is connected with quite a lot of challenges and burdens.   VOICES talked to Jones Mutegi, who landed a role in the Netflix show “Russian Doll.” The civic engineering student was an […]

“Ulni pritshmëritë” – Si të fitojmë një rol në një shfaqe të Netflix

Hollivudi, një mëyrë jetese magjepsëse dhe një llogari bankare premtuese – Kështu e imagjinojnë njerëzit jetën e një aktori. Sidoqoftë, të qenit aktor me shumë sfida dhe ngarkesa. VOICES bisedoi me Jones Mutegi, i cili fitoi një rol në shfaqjen e Netflix “Kukulla Ruse”. Studenti i inxhinierisë civile ishte një shtesë në sezonin e dytë […]

The explosion of population – or is it going down?

“The population has grown from one billion to 7.8 billion in one century. When people say there has been a demographic explosion, it is true. It is a mistake to assume that growth will continue,” says Darrell Bricker, a nonfiction writer, and pollster, who wrote a book together with John Ibbitson about population growth.

Macedonian banks are fit and healthy!

Whether you are a Macedonian citizen or a foreigner, going to a bank is a necessary step in life. The choice of the financial institution and the reasons related to this choice both require information and knowledge. With this article, we are going to help you navigate more safely into this world. The banking sector […]

Убавината не може да се брза

Пред неколку децении, немаше толку многу продавници за накит. Немаше синџири, и секој кој го изработуваше овој накит нудеше посебен дизајн. Денес, многу продавници меѓусебно се надминуваат во понуди кои не се разликуваат едни од други. Ова е една од причините зошто се повеќе и повеќе луѓе го ценат она што е единствено и направено […]

Beauty cannot be rushed

A couple of decades ago, there were not many jewelry stores. There were no jewelry chains, and each jeweler offered unique designs. Today, more stores are outdoing each other in offers that do not differ much from each other. This is one of the reasons why more and more people appreciate what is unique and […]

Gym – a versatile hobby for everyone 

Exercising in the gym is becoming more and more popular. Many people aim to be fit to improve their well-being and to shape their bodies. The gym is not an expensive hobby, and you can go to the gym at any time of the day. The gym has several health benefits, both mental and physical.  […]

TrashTour – A mission possible!

TrashTour project aims to motivate people, inspire them to change, and create a garbage-free society. In a country as trashy as Macedonia, this is something urgently needed. And these young people made history; 6 days, 6 cities, 6 cleanups! TrashTour is a project that started to form in the thoughts of a friend group who […]