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Human-like robots are more and more sophisticated 

Humanoid robots have long been sci-fi characters, but they are perfecting every day. Engineered Arts, a UK-based designer, and manufacturer of such robots, recently showed off one of its most life-like creations with its last bot Ameca, which can display what appears to be the most human-like facial expressions by a robot to date.

Kawah Ijen, into the lungs of hell

“I am not prepared just now to say to what extent I believe in a physical hell in the next world, but a sulfur mine is about the nearest thing to hell that I expect to see in this life.” – Booker T. Washington Indonesia is located on the Ring of Fire, the most seismically […]

How people killed a Sea. The history of eco-disaster in central Asia.

Sound of water and pleasant feel of the wind on the skin. Lots of boats were coming back from fishing. The fish smell was saturating everything in the harbour. People were busy transporting cargo to local canneries. Some people were sunbathing on the beach. It might look like that in the late 1960s in Aralsk […]

Shein – Fast fashion at its worst 

“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.” – Lucy Siegle  It’s a widespread fact that fast fashion is problematic. Poor quality of the clothes, severe work conditions in the producing countries and the promotion of excessive consumption through unbelievable low prices. But what if the fastest growing fashion brand in the Western World is […]

Më shumë teknologji, më pak para

Është e vështirë të imagjinohet që artistët të krijojnë muzikë pa e publikuar atë në shërbimet e transmetimit. Për dëgjuesit, është një lehtësi e madhe: pa u larguar nga shtëpia, duke blerë një album të ri, ata mund të dëgjojnë artistët e tyre të preferuar me një klikim. Fatkeqësisht, jo gjithçka duket aq e lehtë, […]

More technology, less money

It is hard to imagine artists creating music without publishing it on streaming services. For listeners, it is a great convenience: without leaving home, buying a new album, they can listen to their favourite artists with one click. Unfortunately, not everything seems so easy, because as it turns out, musicians do not earn more on […]

Eurovision Junior 2021 makes history!

For the second time, the contest was won by Armenia. According to many Eurovision Contest commentators, this edition was one of the strongest ever. Many countries climbed to the heights of musical ability and sent representatives who represented their countries with dignity. This edition was also special because, after a year’s break, everyone could once […]

Waterworld may no longer be a sci-fi scenario

The United Nations has recently approved a project called “Oceanix City”, which develops a floating city for the seas off Busan in South Korea to pioneer a new mode of living amid sea-level rises. Let’s give an overview. On 18th November of this year, the city government of Busan signed an agreement with Oceanix, a […]

The greatest threat to youth – radicalization

“Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mindset of youth today.”- Graça Machel While most of us are familiar with the concept of radicalization, it is often difficult to define it. We also narrow down its meaning to a specific group, e.g., terrorist or religious groups, which does not reflect the phenomenon’s complexity. What […]

The thousand and one lives of pajamas

Pajamas, pyjamas, PJs, night suits – whatever we call them, pajamas are part of our everyday wear. Pajamas have been beloved by all for centuries. In winter, fuzzy socks and fluffy pajamas are the perfect outfit to enjoy cozying for a good night’s sleep or for those who like spending their day lounging around the […]


How time is flying! We are already in the new year of 2022. Technically speaking, it’s not one year that changes, but one day. Yet we like to use this new number as an occasion to work on ourselves: Should I go to the gym more often? This year I will eat healthily and spend […]