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Парасомнија – кога вашите кошмари го живеат вашиот живот

Ти си дете, невино, животот си тера. Еден ден имаш страшно искуство, толку лошо што совеста те потсетува на тоа од ден на ден. Мислиш дека се ќе биде во ред, но има нешто што те потсетува дека нема. Кошмари. Ништо нема да оди добро. Сакаш да плачеш, секоја вечер се будиш со напад на […]

Parasomnia – when your nightmares are living your life

You are a child, innocent, and life goes on. One day you have a terrible experience, so bad that it’s been recalled by your conscience day by day. You think that everything will be fine, but there is something that reminds you that no. Nightmares. Nothing will go well. You want to cry and every […]


May; the month of freedom and gratitude  Freedom is a term usually used to describe the feeling where a person doesn’t feel attached to any responsibilities or priorities and is free to live as he wishes.  Nowadays, many people consider freedom a utopia because they find it impossible to be liberated from their life roles […]

The King of Music

The music industry has a lot of people with success, but many don’t know what happens backstage, unique in Rap and pop, where you see the singer. Producers are responsible for every music they sign, and when you talk about music producers, the first top-of-mind name is Dr. Dre. Besides the music production, Dre is […]

The fascinating Catalan Culture

Catalunya is located in Spain. It has a population of 7.5 million people. It is rich in culture and tradition, unique food, language, and special festive days. You might have heard something about Catalan culture before, but if you haven’t, these are some examples of the most common festive traditions that you should know. Correfoc  […]

History of a red headscarf

It happened in the middle of one summer night. 2:13 a.m., she was fighting for every breath but couldn’t manage. I was just beside her, couldn’t move, say or do anything but let her go. To the other, better side, when there’s no more pain. After eight months of fighting, we lost her. She left […]

Rap Music – Old is Gold

Petar, a young enthusiast of rap music, share his passion for this music genre and how is the situation with rap music in Macedonia.

How and why to make a lifestyle change

There is talk around the world about healthy living and how important it is to maintain good daily routines. However, it is not relatively as easy as what is said in newspapers and on the Internet. Lifestyle change is a big challenge that requires finding the right tools. Unfortunately, money also affects a little bit, […]

Is your glass half-empty or half full?

Positivity – How it improves life How you answer this old but still reliable question about positive thinking may reflect your outlook on life, your attitude toward yourself, and whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic – and it may even affect your health.  Gabriel Andrade from the National Library of Medicine “Positive thinking suggests that to […]

Chinese, Japanese, Korean… What’s the difference?

While the four countries may be close in proximity, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are entirely unrelated to each other genetically. Let’s learn about the differences and unique features of the three languages! CHINESEThe Chinese language is written using only Chinese ideogram characters. Also called hanzi, Chinese characters combine a very delicate and beautiful […]

Сакам да учам

Кога ќе ја кажам оваа реченица, добивам чудни погледи од луѓето, проследени со реченицата: Е ова прв пат го слушам. Но, зошто? Што има толку чудно во тоа една средношколка да ужива во учењето? Зарем тоа мора да е обврска која се извршува со цел да се има некаков успех во иднината? Обврска, која мора […]