EVS-European Volunteer Service

Open Calls

European Voluntary Service (shortly EVS) is a part of the Erasmus Plus  program from young people of European Commission. EVS is a partnership between two or more NGOs (sending, hosting and coordinating organizations).
The EVS is funded by European commission and aims to improve young people skills. Volunteers participate in EVS through the sending organization in the country where they live and the receiving organization that receives and hosts them during their period of project. You will receive free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money and language courses. You can work in a wide range of fields such as culture, youth, sports, children, cultural heritage, arts, environment, and development cooperation.

In the end of your project you will receive a certificate confirming your participation – The YOUTHPASS. In each EVS project the treatment, accommodation, tasks, working hours and days of work for the international volunteer vary from one EVS project to another, therefore the choice of an EVS project is very delicate and very important phase.

That European Volunteer Service is an experience that you can make only once in lifetime (you can make first short time EVS till two months) and after a long term. Not the opposite! But in total time period 12 months, so make sure to take the best of it!



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