The endless lake, golden sand, restless sun, and young power! Between the 10th and 18th of August 2021, Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted Youth Exchange “CUTE: Cooperate Understand Tolerate Empower” in Struga, Macedonia. The project was organized by VCS’s partner from Hungary: Hang-Kép Kulturalis Egyesület and funded by the Erasmus+ program.

“There are no rewards or punishments in nature: there are consequences.” – Robert Green Ingersoll A new edition of Voices is waiting for you, which introduces us to the new month – September. It is a breakthrough time of the year, not only for people but also for nature. In September, there is an autumn […]

Mental health is the state of the mind. It is essential for general well-being and for a quality life. Being in good mental health means finding a balance between all aspects of existence: the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic. Mental health therefore means much more than simply the absence of mental illness.

Në 3 korrik 2021, ndalimi i përdorimit të plastikës një përdorimshe hyri në fuqi në BE. Dekreti i Parlamentit Evropian synon të parandalojë dhe zvogëlojë ndikimin e produkteve plastike në mjedis, veçanërisht në gjallesat e detit. A është më në fund koha për një ndryshim?

On the 3rd of July 2021, the ban on using single-use plastic came into effect in the EU. The European Parliament’s ban aims to prevent and reduce the impact of plastic products on the environment, especially sea life. Is it finally time for a change?

Have you ever heard about Starlink? It is the name of the project, conceived by Elon Musk a few years ago only, which consists of providing global satellite internet service across the globe in the long term. Next month, this aim will be nearly achieved, for the first time in human history, according to the […]

KAWAII is a fashion style in Japan that spread itself through anime and manga; therefore, you can now find this type of fashion worldwide. With the popularity of this, a new style or subculture was born, YAMI KAWAII. On the first hand, it’s just like KAWAII, with a darker twist to it, but there is […]

A flying car has completed its first inter-city flight in Slovakia on the 28th of June 2021; a milestone its creators claim is “turning science fiction into a reality.” The flying “AirCar” designed by visionary Slovak designer Stefan Klein has completed an 80 km flight from Nitra to Bratislava in thirty-five minutes. Professor Stefan Klein, […]

Have you ever heard of a Swedish guy named Max Martin? No? Well, he is only the most successful and influential pop music producer of the past 25 years. Let’s get introduced to the King of Pop in disguise. We all know this moment when a casual garden party turns into a time travel through […]

“So, I raise a chalice for an Olympic idea which, like a ray of a powerful sun, broke through the mists of the ages and returns to throw the glow of joyful hope on the threshold of the twentieth century.” – these are words spoken over a hundred years ago by Pierre de Coubertin, the […]

For one week Skopje turned into a hub for movie and festival lovers. Between the 15th of July to the 22nd of July, twelve recent European movies were played on open-air locations across the city. Usually the “Youth Cultural Center” (MKC) hosts the Cinedays during November, but the pandemic required a new planning. For the […]