Many parts of the world have four seasons, each one with its special characteristics and landscapes, with colors and patterns of weather. I am talking about spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In Europe, we have all of them in different periods of the year but not all countries have seasons. Why we have seasons? NASA […]

I returned to Finland after 10 months doing my ESC – project in Skopje, Macedonia. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Finland has listed countries which are in the red zone – meaning when you return, you need to stay in home quarantine for two weeks. And Macedonia was one of these countries.The quarantine was without […]

Have you ever had an idea that popped into your head and it felt like something lightened inside you? That is what happened to me in the past few days, after I remembered of these two marvelous namesake paintings “The Human Condition” from René Magritte. Eager to dive deep into the various possible meanings of […]

In these unusual times, we are living in, there will never be too many opportunities to see beyond current difficulties and catch a breath of fresh air to foster our imagination and look ahead. Currently, transportation services are in standby, or at least significantly decreased in terms of frequency. Gaining a glimpse of insight into […]

Life is all a matter of proportions after all, don’t you think? By the way, are there “perfect” proportions you could use in various fields? Let’s dive into the mathematics to reflect a bit together on this allegedly unanswerable question. So, mathematics might appear as a surprising choice to think about such a philosophical topic, at […]

Како ќе ја опишете вашата работа? Кој е најтешкиот дел, се исплати ли работата во антикварница?Мојата работа е исклучително благородна затоа што со нејзина помош можам да помогнам на многу луѓе што се социјално загрозени и едноставно имаат проблеми со финансиите. Од друга страна, најтешко ми е кога не можам да им помогнам. Што се […]

How do you describe your job?Excellent, thrilling. I love it. What is the hardest point of your job?The hardest point of my job is when people don’t appreciate antiques. For them, it’s just an old object, so they throw it away. The hardest one and I don’t like it but it’s what it is. How […]

Добро утро на сите! Моето име е Пол (за поблиски пријатели) и доаѓам од Франција, малото гратче Дижон. Откако ја стекнав мојата диплома по литература, дополнително работев во разни дејности: фабрика, фарма, продавница. Сепак она што најмногу ме промени беше работата во граѓанската служба во пензионерски дом. Таму ја стекнав мојата желба да помогнам, да […]

Good morning everyone! My name is Paul (Pol for close friends) and I come from France, the little city of Dijon.I got my diploma in Literature and in addition, I have worked in different fields of activity: factory, farming, shop. However, what has changed me the most was doing civic service in a retirement home. […]

Здраво на сите! Јас сум Лусил од Бретања (најдобриот регион од Франција!). За време на моите студии од Меѓународен бизнис имав можност да живеам помеѓу шест и дванаесет месеци во Бразил, Кина, Индија, Индонезија и Виетнам. По моето магистрирање се вратив во Индија на 2 години да работам како бизнис менаџер во локална консултантска фирма […]

Hello everyone! I am Lucile from Bretagne (the best region in France!). During my studies in international business, I had the opportunity to live between six to twelve months in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. After my Master’s graduation, I went back to India for 2 years to work as a Business Manager in […]