We often make the mistake of dividing the world into small and big moments. We look at everything that happens and we place it in a box. A box of moments that we view as insignificant and a box of moments, we are taught are going to determine our future. But what about the moments […]

“Save yourself for marriage! Otherwise, you lose your value to God and your future spouse” The message I’m describing has a name. It’s called purity culture. Purity culture was born in the 1990s as a response to the AIDS epidemic. At the core, purity culture promotes abstaining from sex until marriage. More than that, they […]

Whoever possesses a good internet connection has probably used Wikipedia at least once and has a bit of knowledge about it. But do people know why and how it was created, and what is its place in our virtual world? When Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created on the 15th of January 2001 their free […]

In 2009, the UNESCO rated the Nigerian film industry as the second-biggest film industry in the world. While this might be an unknown fact to many people in Western societies, the story behind can provide a different understanding of both the film industry itself and how different preconditions and approaches can be successful in their […]

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf – A Room of One’s Own An important factor affecting human life and development at any stage of their life span is nutrition. It follows us in the earliest stages of our lives until old ages. To survive, […]

Employing about 10 000 people in Macedonia, the tourism sector was hardly hit by the pandemic – travel agencies fear the future. But there’s still hope, and its name is summer and more help from the government. The sector doesn’t give up and waits for the open borders, the easement of restrictions, and financial aid […]

I missed you today…
Went all over my stupid head
So empty, dark…cobweb space,
I couldn`t find a single trace.

Yeah..! I missed you so bad!
Today…Tomorrow as well,
Life-long, every single day,
An image-blurry,
Almost forgotten face

Over the past decades traveling to distant places has become all the time more and more easy and affordable. Alongside this trend, also new, alternative forms of traveling have emerged. Many people have chosen to volunteer abroad to fuse the fun of exploring an exotic country by working in a local charitable organization. Despite, at […]

Во последните децении патувањето на далечни места станува сè полесно и подостапно. Покрај овој тренд се појавија и нови, алтернативни форми на патување. Многумина се одлучија да волонтираат во странство со цел да направат некаков спој на задоволството што го носи истражувањето на егзотична држава и работењето во локална хуманитарна организација. И покрај тоа што […]

По езерскиот брег се шетам
И бели галеби гледам

Планинските врвови како се обледуваат
И неколку патки од трските излегуваат

Како се доаѓа до оваа состојба?
Дали има враќање назад?
Како да се залепиме?