Јужна Африка “The Garden Route”

  Среќна Нова Година и се’ најдобро! Многумина од нас имаат многу планови за новата година. На пример, да запознаме нови луѓе, да ја намалиме својата тежина или да заштедиме пари за нешто важно. Но, еден од нашите најчести планови е патувањето. Затоа, во оваа нова епизода на […]


Следниот текст може да биде објавен во така наречена имагинарна колумна “Сицилија не е само мафија”. Важно е да се напомене дека не сум напишал: во Сицилија нема мафија, напишав дека постои, но за среќа, има и нешто друго. На пример, има прекрасни места, како што е Селинунте, […]

Whirling Dervishes

In April 2015 I was in Istanbul, amegalopolis at the Western geographical boarders where 14 milion people live. The city extends itself on two sides, one belongs to the European continent and the other one belongsto the Asian continent. Istanbul is an amazing city: you can walk in […]


Vilnius is the biggest city and the capital of Lithuania, one of the Baltic states in northern Europe. Vilnius is not only the capital, but truly the heart of Lithuania. It is modern, has astonishing architecture, beautiful landscapes and wonderful people of varied ethnicities. Vilnius Historic Center is […]

The Monastery of St. Andrea

  This monastery of St. Andrea is located in the gorge Matka. This place fascinates with its beautiful landscape and the artificial lake with the dam that is one of the tallest in the region. Its designer when it was built, almost 100 years ago, was largely criticized […]

South Africa The Garden Route

Happy New Year and all the best! Many of us have many intentions for the New Year, for example meeting new people, losing weight or saving money for something important. But one of the most common intentions is travelling. That’s why you can read in this new episode […]


Every project of the Erasmus+ program that I have realized for my Volunteers Centre Skopje had a certain challenge for me, to push the boundaries even more. And every participant I met had influenced my life so far, not only professionally, to learn about different culture but to […]

Ski resorts in Macedonia

Like every previous year, also this one, lovers of winter and winter sports look forward for the snow to head to mountains to enjoy the nature, clean air and, of course, winter sports. Macedonia abounds with mountains and ski centers that each season are a major destination for […]


This article may be present in an imaginary column called “Sicily is not only Mafia”. It’s important to note that I didn’t write: in Sicily there is no Mafia, I wrote that there is, but fortunately there’s something else. For example there are wonderful places, such as Selinunte, […]

“Occupy University “

While most Georgians are celebrating Christmas in the comfort of their homes, some students in Georgia celebrated Christmas occupying the university. Georgian Students are not satisfied with two major issues. First they are not happy with the quality of the education. And secondis misspending the budget of the […]