International Christmas

Czech Christmas Christmas is very popular holidays in the Czech Republic. It all starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Eve – this period is called Advent. We have the typical round wreath with four candles and each Sunday one candle is lit, their light symbolize the coming […]

The Twirling

The one who creates twirling, in 1978, is Marc-Arthur FREDERIC. This sport was recognized in 1985 and was framed in US for the first time. The twirling is practiced in Europe and worldwide by 3 million people in 23 member countries of the WBTF (World Baton Twirling Federation). […]


Introduction. E-sports is the professional practice of video games. For many people, this practice can’t be assimilated to sport. But mentalities are changing especially in USA, France, Germany, China, South Korea… where pro players can enjoy high-level sports VISA. The most common competitive games are “Starcraft II“, which […]

Pagëzimet në Francë

Në Francë, edhe pse dita e pagëzimeve është në 6 Janar, ne e festojmë të shtunen e parë të muajit Janar, përshkak se të shtuneve shumica e popullatës e kalojn ditën me të afrmit e tyre. Për ta festuar këtë festë (ditën e pagëimeve) ne përgadisim “galette des […]


Иако Водици е на 6ти јануари, ние во Франција го прославуваме традиционално на првата недела во јануари, поради тоа што недела е ден кога најголемиот дел од луѓето се дома со своите фамилии. За прославување на овој настан, ние јадеме “galette des rois”, кое во зависност од регионот […]

10 years of Volunteers Center Skopje

by the Team of Volunteers Center Skopje 2005 was the year when 5 young people returned home from their EVS projects extremely motivated to continue and use somehow their fresh gained knowledge and unique experience. That 1 year abroad working in multicultural environment, overcoming various obstacles, solving different […]