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VOICES December 2018

We are announcing the month of memories, the return to the year photos, sweet smiles, the challenges and successes of the past 11 pearls that seized the 2018th. The holidays that we celebrate with our loved ones, with people who respect and like us, are a great opportunity to share the successes and challenges that […]

Voices April 2018

“It has 2,150 stores. There are squares and markets with vaults and domes. Of all the most beautiful are: the Bazaar of Bezazes (cotton fabrics), umbrellas, slippers, paints and hats. These are big bazaars made according to plan. Their streets are clean and cobbled. Each shop is decorated with hyacinths, violets, roses, basil, lilac and […]

Voices March 2018

When YouTube celebrated ten years in 2015, it is less surprising that the most viewed video on this probably the most popular platform in the world is “Gangam Style” of the South Korean sensation Psy. A little known to the European and American continent, now the 41-year-old planetary star quickly infected the millions of fans […]


                Fifth year in a row VCS as a regional office of Coalition of Youth organizations SEGA to implement the project “Macedonian Model of United Nations (MMUN)”, we are ready to open the doors of new generation of MMUN 2018 Ambassadors /delegates/chair persons . Coalition of youth organizations SEGA  implements the Macedonia Model United Nations […]