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The ABC of Ethical Volunteering Abroad

Over the past decades traveling to distant places has become all the time more and more easy and affordable. Alongside this trend, also new, alternative forms of traveling have emerged. Many people have chosen to volunteer abroad to fuse the fun of exploring an exotic country by working in a local charitable organization. Despite, at […]

АБВ на етичкото волонтирање во странство

Во последните децении патувањето на далечни места станува сè полесно и подостапно. Покрај овој тренд се појавија и нови, алтернативни форми на патување. Многумина се одлучија да волонтираат во странство со цел да направат некаков спој на задоволството што го носи истражувањето на егзотична држава и работењето во локална хуманитарна организација. И покрај тоа што […]

How I will change society: Vera Romanu

When Vera Romanu moved to Romania, she was 19 years old. She had no relatives or friends in Romania. Even she got used very fast to everything new, she had to face everything by herself: to find the student dorm, to reach the university building, to make some connections here, to discover the new city, […]

Settling in unknown territory

How do we fit in a whole new foreign environment? As a foreword, I think it is important to underline each experience is unique. There are as many possible scenarios as there are travelers. Having said that, I will happily share my own experience. The transition between the preparation of a stay abroad, and then […]

Diary of an EVS volunteer

Ahh, Málaga the city that amazes its visitors with its food, weather, museums, nature and fiestas. Even if this is my second time here it never stops amazing me. My name is Galina Grkovikj and this is the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter of my life called EVS. By being an non-regular student […]

Светлата и сенките на живеењето во странство

Сте слушнале ли некогаш некој да се жали за неговото искуство на патување или престој во странство, за тоа колку ужасно се чувствувал? Ден 2, 09:00 – група бразилци на Whatsapp Дали и некој од вас сака да се пресели или има слободна соба во неговиот стан? Ах, јас не брат, извини. А зошто, што […]

Lights and Shadows of Foreignness

Have you ever heard somebody complaining about the experience of a trip or a stay overseas, how awful it made them feel? No, right? Till recently, I hadn’t either. Now that I have, I must talk about it. Day 2, 9am – Whatsapp group of Brazilians – Does anybody in this group want to move […]

Bremen in my eyes

I have been living in Bremen since October. For me it took a while to feel like home, but day by day it captured my heart and it became a place that now I can say: I am home. Right beside Hamburg, Bremen is a city in the north of Germany, with a population of […]