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Волонтерски менаџмент за поголеми успеси и посреќни волонтери

Волонтерски Центар Скопје  продолжува со активностите поврзани со  проектот “Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering” – TEHV за програмата EU Aid Volunteers.   На 01.12, 02,12 и 03.12.2020 се одржаа онлајн тренинзи на кои беа претставени алатки и начини за правилно детерминирање на потребите на организацијата домаќин, потребите на волонтерите, како и правилна евалуација на резултатите од […]

Socially Distant

When the Covid-19 Pandemic began, only a few might have thought that it would bring such huge impacts so quickly! Now that we’re approaching winter and the „long foreseen“ second wave seems to just begin, I have been thinking a lot about the flaws of our modern society that are (probably) more visible than ever […]

Resettling in known territory

Traveling the world and the seven seas is definitely worth it. But then what? Do we belong to a specific place or do we not? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you would answer that question because some people are regularly or even constantly on the move either for business or personal purposes, or both. Some […]