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On the weekends, we’re always free from volunteering work by VCS, so we decided to go on a bit of adventure. Our good friend Chris, who also works at VCS, recommended the aqueduct and agreed to accompany us because he never went there either. We began our trip by getting some food and drinks from […]

Fuqia për të qenë i dobishëm

Eshtë slogani i ri i Shërbimit Civil, programi francez i vullnetarizmit. Duket si programi EVS, dhe është për shtetasit francezë mes 16 dhe 25 vjeç. Ata angazhohen për komunitetin dhe interesin e përgjithshëm të një misioni në Francë ose jashtë saj. Për shembull, vullnetarët tanë të rinj Tanguy dhe Camille janë pjesë e këtij programi. […]

The power to be useful

It is the new slogan of the Civil Service, the French volunteering programme. It looks like the EVS programme for French people between 16 and 25 years old. They commit themselves to the community and to the general interest of a mission in France or abroad. For example, our new volunteers Tanguy and Camille are […]

“Finndians” – not Indians

Many Finns moved to North America a little over a hundred years ago. There they met the Indians. Between 1860 and 1944, some 400,000 people flocked to America. Some people emigrated from Finland because of unemployment and of its policy of Russification before independence. Some, however, moved to America just for the sake of adventure. […]

Discover the Baltic Sea – On the northernmost Rallye in the world!

Launched in 2011, the Baltic Sea Circle is an adventurous and exciting rally that covers 10 countries, 7.500 km and takes you one time around the whole Baltic Sea. The starting and ending point is the Fischmarkt (fish market) in Hamburg in Germany and the most northern point of the route is nothing less than […]

Traveling ‘solo’ on the Caribbean islands

One of my best adventurous experiences was deciding to go alone on the islands where the salsa originated. I must confess that before my trip I didn’t have time to check any tips or experiences from the previous travelers around these islands. But that actually at the end was feasible because you will receive most when you will expect least. […]

Hitchhiking: a taste of adventure, freedom and friendly time

Hitchhiking for traveling? No way, that’s what I thought before to experiment it. For a lot of people, hitchhiking sounds like something negative, something which can be dangerous, especially when you are alone and even more when you are a girl. Hitchhiking is a question of feeling. When the driver stops, there is this moment […]