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China’s most powerful diplomatic weapon

What has two black eyes, constantly eats bamboo leaves, and appeals to everyone? Pandas! This peaceful animal is adored all over the world. Giant pandas are native to Sichuan, a province located in the southwest of China renowned for its spicy food and some of the other surrounding provinces.

Мачки, мачки, МАЧКИ…

Од древен Египет до денешна Турција… Времето си минува, но едно нешто се нема променето веќе неколку илјади години – мачките се сè уште омилени насекаде низ светот. Секако, постои еден израз, според кој светот е поделен на две совршени половини – љубители на мачки и љубители на кучиња. Не е важно на која половина […]

Cats, cats, CATS…

From ancient Egypt to nowadays Turkey… Time is passing by, but one thing has not changed for a few thousands years – cats are still favorites all around the globe. Of course, there is one common saying according to which the world is divided into two perfect halves – cat lovers and dog lovers. It […]