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Interview with Sara Simoska

Sara Simoska is an architect born in Skopje in 1992. She studied architecture in Skopje and in Milano, Italy. In 2013 she founded the architecture organisation MELEEM as a student. MELEEM organises workshops, lectures and projects about design and architecture. Their events can be found on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meleem.skopje  Sara Simoska is also the founder […]

Elegance and Charm from the Czech architect in the Middle of Skopje

Portrait of Ludek Kubeš I remember the wonderful ambiance of the Hotel Belevue from the times of my earliest childhood. This marvelously composed building with its surrounding lakes and vegetation, always left me with an impression as I was in the middle of the children’s book, in more particular as a part of its illustrations […]