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About being young, talking with mom and dad, searching out there, and building your future

One of the defining traits of youth is that the amount of life we have yet to live is much greater than the one we have lived so far. Being young is being a subject in the kingdom of the -ing, experiencing, experimenting, maturing; not in the kingdom of the -ed, experienced, experimented, matured. Being […]


Imagine your life as a hiking trip. Wandering through luscious fields and sunny forests, sometimes also through steep valleys and over high and dangerous mountains, on and on it goes, without a clear goal you stroll along without being able to go back. Wandering through luscious fields and sunny forests, sometimes through steep valleys and […]

The Elegant Secession Style of the Parliament

Many of the classical fortresses throughout history were built in the form of pentagram. For e.g. such are Fortezza da Basso in Florence or the building of Pentagon in USA. One of the buildings that were built within this pattern is the building of the Parliament of Northern Macedonia. Although built before the WWII it […]

The Painter-King with the Five Skins

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian artist and architect. He believed that we can be like kings and queens in our own kingdoms that necessarily need to be close to the nature and colorful. “I want to show how basically simple it is to have paradise on earth”, he once wrote. Basically, through his works […]

Interview with Sara Simoska

Sara Simoska is an architect born in Skopje in 1992. She studied architecture in Skopje and in Milano, Italy. In 2013 she founded the architecture organisation MELEEM as a student. MELEEM organises workshops, lectures and projects about design and architecture. Their events can be found on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/meleem.skopje  Sara Simoska is also the founder […]

Elegance and Charm from the Czech architect in the Middle of Skopje

Portrait of Ludek Kubeš I remember the wonderful ambiance of the Hotel Belevue from the times of my earliest childhood. This marvelously composed building with its surrounding lakes and vegetation, always left me with an impression as I was in the middle of the children’s book, in more particular as a part of its illustrations […]

Frozen colossus

Icebergs, dancing prima ballerinas, arks and submarines, the architecture of the city is so much more than expected. Darkness, supple figures emerge from the obscurity, the play of lights and shadows begins, spotlights follow the motion of dancers and the building joins them in the act. Ballet is an art where movement, minimalism and lightness […]