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,,Дојди, дојди, скитник, обожавател, вљубеник на учењето… Не е важно, само дојди.” Во оваа статија ќе зборуваме за суфизмот, поточно за Руми, кој достигна нови длабочини и увиди во духовноста. Неговите песни се толкуваат според нивото на зрелост на една индивидуа. Кој беше Руми? Јаиалудин Руми (Jalaluddin Rumi), исто така познат како Мавлана, бил персиски […]


“Come, come, wanderer, worshiper, lover of learning… It does not matter. Just come.” In this article, we will talk about Sufism, precisely about Rumi, who reached depths and insights of spirituality. His poems are interpreted according to the level of maturity of one individual. Who was Rumi? Jalaluddin Rumi, also known as Mawlana, was a […]

Andrej Pavlov – Industrial Designer and contemporary artist

Andrej Pavlov (24), Industrial Designer and contemporary artist exploring shapes created from single continuous line. Most of his work is based on portraits and shapes representing human body, inspired by people’s energy, emotions and creativity spread around him. Pavlov’s art consists unique expression, following peculiar language where aesthetic, physical and spiritual concepts coexist in line […]

Јулијана Нотари: „Уметноста не е одвоена од општеството, таа го рефлектира општеството”

Бразилската уметничка продолжува да шокира со својата работа – овој пат со вулва од 33 метри во рид. Уште еднаш, Дива изнесува стари рани на дебата, но во многу поголем обем.

Juliana Notari: “Art is not isolated from society, art reflects society”

The Brazilian artist continues to shock with her work – this time with a 33-meters vulva in a hill. Once more, Diva brings old wounds to debate but on a much larger scale.

VOICES February 2021

A new beginning All good things must come to an end. My one-year European Solidarity Corps mission within the Youth NGO Volunteers Centre Skopje is almost over. It has been a particular year in an exceptional organization in a unique context. Living in downtown Skopje and being a VCS team member has been very inspiring. […]

Art as Therapy

You’ve probably already seen this scene in a movie, read it in a book, observed it in life. The scene of the guys at the back of the bar, alone, swallowing glass over beer and smoking cigarette over cigarette. He is heartbroken, he is desperate, and he hopes to be able to re-weld it with […]

VOICES December 2020

For the 15th anniversary of the creation of Volunteers Centre Skopje, let’s go back to the future! Nikola Stankoski (Director and Founder of VCS) provides us with a unique insight into the origins of this pioneering NGO. He shares with us the spark that ignited his willingness to initiate this adventure with communicative good vibes. […]

Queen of the Viola

Tuba Ozkan, associate professor at Mersin University, aka queen of the viola. She is a professor, a teacher, and a musician. The thing that makes her special is her capability of working in different environments and with different kinds of people. She can teach an 8-year-old student in the morning and the next day she […]


Елегантноста на нежните капки дожд и жестоката темнина на бурата ја откриваат неописливата убавина предизвикана од спој на два елементи на природата – виножито. Да, науката има сосема рационално објаснување за ова прелевање на светлина, призма, бои. Но, дали и ние го доживуваме само како случајна и прекрасна појава или има нешто повеќе. Дали само […]

Calmness and serenity: the charms of Chinese Traditional Painting

Have you ever heard about Chinese traditional painting? Have you had the chance to see an artwork of such a tradition? If not, doesn’t it bother or intrigue you that, studying art history at school and through our lives, we stay so far away from and so ignorant about Oriental (or indigenous, or African) forms […]