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To the future and for us

Interview with Young Friends of the Earth Macedonia for VOICES magazine What are the Balkan Regional Forum and Balkan Green Deal? The Balkan Regional Forum was a 3-day online event and an open platform for organizations, individuals, initiatives, and institutions from the Balkan countries to jointly discuss and create the Balkan Green and Just Recovery […]

History and the importance of names

One of the aspects I’ve always loved about (studying) History is that it makes you smarter. A bit like a superpower, or a “third eye”, so to speak, it helps you see layers in reality, in everyday life, in the political arena that are not evident to a less trained eye. Studying History leads us […]

A language – what is that?

Why Dutch is just weird German and everybody in the Balkan speaks five languages. But really it is about language and how, and if, it is different from a dialect. That‘s easy, isn‘t it? It is what people use  to communicate with each other. And different nations have different languages, easy! Well, but consider Bosnian […]