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The fascinating Catalan Culture

Catalunya is located in Spain. It has a population of 7.5 million people. It is rich in culture and tradition, unique food, language, and special festive days. You might have heard something about Catalan culture before, but if you haven’t, these are some examples of the most common festive traditions that you should know. Correfoc  […]

A Diary of a Nomad

Once upon a time… no, wait, this is too cliché to start an article. But what exactly is cliché? By definition, it is “an idea that has lost originality and impact by long overuse.” Sometimes we’re all are cliché, mainly because we want to create something original that is not seen before, not knowing that […]

The dawn of a new Erasmus+ adventure February 12th to 19th, downtown Skopje

A new Erasmus+ project uniting organizations from Skopje, Barcelona, Bucharest, Århus, and Nicosia has recently been approved. To start implementing this idea, a six days kick-off event was held in Skopje. Here is an insight into the early stages of this cross-border working group committed to empowering youth in the long run. Partners from five […]

Where the heart has never been

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the borders? What lies deep under the ocean and up above the clouds? Do you find yourself dreaming about uncovering every story and legend hidden all around the world? Are you curious to see every beauty and miracle the world holds? Close your eyes and enjoy the ride. You […]

,,Trust me, I’m a volunteer” Барселона- Шпанија 16.10-24.10.2019

Во периодот од 16.10-24.10.2019г. се одржа младинска размена на тема ,,Trust me, I’m a volunteer’’, во Барселона, Шпанија. Дел од овој проект беа шест (6) држави: Шпанија, Италија, Германија, Македонија, Турција и Бугарија, со по 7 претставници од секоја држава (шест учесника и еден тим лидер). Главна цел на проектот беше подигнување на свеста кај […]

,,Trust me, I’m a volunteer” Barcelona – Spain 16.10-24.10.2019

In the period between 16.10-24.10 the youth exchange “Trust me, I’m a volunteer” took place in Barcelona, Spain. The six countries which took part in this project are Spain, Italy, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey and Bulgaria, with each country being represented by seven participants (six participants and one team leader). The main objective of the project […]

VOICES December 2019

Finally we have the final month of the year and we can say GOODBYE to 2019, taking with us all good memories, learned thoughts of the experience and sharing all of them in a warm atmosphere with our friends, enjoying the beauties and relaxation effects of the essential oils. YES, the end of the year […]