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Charming lake Prespa

In the most beautiful environment, everything light blue, sun shining, happy children running around, people laying under shadows avoiding the burning sun, taking cooling breaks in the sparkling, crystal clear water. Only astounding nature wherever your eyes can see. Our small friend group went on a weekend trip to lake Prespa. Because of the unusual […]

How I will change society: Michalis Georgiou

Michalis studied electrical circuits and renewable energy technologies at a local institute. Growing up, he remembers in high school that he was getting angry when the other schoolmates didn’t throw their plastic bottles inside the recycle bin. That’s why, the idea of his project is to create a recycle bin in the shape of a […]

FKK and the naturist movement in Germany

Despite the fact that public nudity is a punishable crime in many countries in this world, in Germany – and especially in the former socialist East – everyone is familiar with the term FKK and – even though it has been decreasing over the past three decades – the practice of going to the beach […]