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Brazil is famous for its iconic carnival festival, its talented soccer players, and its favelas. Originally, favelas were illegal settlements built by former slaves that originated in Rio de Janeiro. Favelas have proliferated throughout all Brazilian major cities and form an integral part of Brazil’s landscape. Even some of the world’s biggest superstars, such as […]

Narri, Narro – Carnival in Southern Germany

Narri, Narro shout the demons in the streets. Narri, Narro shout the witches as they jump across the fire. What sounds like a scene from medieval hell is happening every year in the streets of towns and hamlets all across southern Germany. Carnival or as it is called there “Fasnet or Fasnacht” has its origins […]

Surva: Carnival in Pernik

I am in Pernik, a small town in Bulgaria, where the Surva festival has taken place since 1966. I am staying at the house of my friend Ina, who is a local and has been celebrating the feast since her birth. It is the last weekend of January, really cold but still sunny. We enjoyed […]