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To feel is to live

Some tell us to follow our heart. “The truth lies beneath” – they say. But what do we do if the destination of our heart is foreign to us? Where do we go then? Others say that the brain should be the one in the driver’s seat. They say that feelings are the cause of […]

About being young, talking with mom and dad, searching out there, and building your future

One of the defining traits of youth is that the amount of life we have yet to live is much greater than the one we have lived so far. Being young is being a subject in the kingdom of the -ing, experiencing, experimenting, maturing; not in the kingdom of the -ed, experienced, experimented, matured. Being […]

The art and craft of decision-making

We make decisions from the moment we wake up until the moment we let ourselves turn off for the night. What we eat for breakfast, if we cycle or take the bus to work, which yogurt to buy in the supermarket. If we move cities this year or not, which university to study in, whether […]