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A musical step to save the planet

Not only limiting plastic during concerts, setting up own foundations, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, or writing songs. Musicians are taking another step to fight climate change. Recurring concerts and new album premieres show new ways of dealing with the crisis. Pixabay Writing songs whose main idea is to draw attention to the situation on our […]

Into the Wildfires

Hard scorchers, no rain – during the last weeks, many woods lighted up. Especially Greece and Turkey, but also parts of Macedonia, were hit by the wildfires. Many people lost their houses and properties, some even their highest property – their life. Wildfires seem to become more frequent and stronger every year, so it’s high […]

Europe heatwave: How to beat the heat?

At temperatures above 30ºC, Europe is experiencing its first heatwave of the year. High temperatures not only cause a decline in well-being but also pose a threat to life. However, there are many ways to keep you cool, even if it feels like a sweltering hot day will squeeze all sweat out of your body.

How do we feed the world – without destroying our planet?

Globally, we consume around 350 million tons of meat every year. However, there is a limit to our current diet in western countries. With unchanged eating habits, the world population could be too big to feed itself by 2050, when we reach a global population of almost 10 billion people. WATER USE Today you have […]


„Сè е добро ако е направено од чоколадо“. – Jo Бранд Според повеќе студии, постоењето на чоколадо е загрозено поради зголемената побарувачка и намалената понуда од земјоделскиот сектор за какао. Замислете да го имате последниот залак чоколадо. Засекогаш.


“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” ― Jo Brand
According to several studies, the existence of chocolate is in jeopardy due to the soaring demand and the dwindling supply from the cocoa agriculture sector. Imagine having your last bite of chocolate. Forever.