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“My actions don’t matter”. What can YOU do to prevent climate change?

When it comes to big things, like voting in elections, raising money for something good, or fighting against climate change, you easily think how you can matter as a one person. But as individuals, we all have a huge role in everything. You, as well as all of us, should take small actions in our […]

Science Corner

Use of cannabis as a teenager is associated with poorer memory and reasoning Patricia Conrad from Montreal University was leading a study about the effects of cannabis for teenagers. In puberty, those areas in brain that are most exposed to the effects of cannabis are still developing, it’s effecting to the memory and ability to […]

Мораме да побрзаме за да ја спасиме планетата Земја

Оганот во црквата Нотр Дам растажи голем број на луѓе околу светот. Дел од оваа историска и културолошка катедрала изгоре на 15.4.2019, само за два дена. Луѓе од целиот свет донираа околу 900 милиони евра за поправки. Ова ги натера повеќето да се запрашаат: ,,Колку брзо всушност можат милионерите да ги решат проблемите на планетата […]

We are in a rush to save the Earth

Flames in the Notre Dame saddened people all over the world. Parts of this historically and culturally important cathedral burned on the 15.4.2019, and in just two days, people from all over the world have donated almost 900 million Euros for the repairs. This made many ask: “How fast could billionaires solve the great problems […]