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Како боите комуницираат: Кратка приказна за Pantone

Можете ли да го видите светлото на крајот од тунелот? Може ли да ја именуваме 2020 година – „Тунел“ и 2021 година – „Светло“? Се разбира, повеќето од нас очекуваат посветла иднина, со надеж и очекувања. На човештвото му е потребна светлост сега повеќе отколку било кога и потребно му е да биде цврсто како […]

How the colors communicate: A short story of Pantone

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Can we name the year 2020 – “the tunnel” and 2021 – “the light”? Surely, most of us look brighter in the future, with hopes and expectations. Humanity needs light now more than ever and needs to be as solid as rock at the […]

VOICES January 2021

It seems that 2020 was a never-ending era but it also feels like we closed our eyes in March and now it’s 2021 already. However, now it’s not the time to see the bad – only the good. “New Year, new me”, right? It’s curious how hyped people are to celebrate another lap around the […]