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How I will change society: Laia Cuadro Segarra

As a good integrator, Laia brings together years of experience and dealings with a large number of people. Since their adolescence they have been involved as a monitor and a leader in recreational centres geared towards children, which clearly highlighted their career goals, so they ended up studying social integration. During their academic placement carried […]

How I will change society: Marianna Parmatzia

Marianna Parmatzia is an art educator from Cyprus, who believes that art could be used as a medium for communication by creating a universal language that everybody can understand. As an Art teacher she decided to organize a workshop – which is called “What’s Your Story?” – encouraging participants to share their stories through artistic […]

A language – what is that?

Why Dutch is just weird German and everybody in the Balkan speaks five languages. But really it is about language and how, and if, it is different from a dialect. That‘s easy, isn‘t it? It is what people use  to communicate with each other. And different nations have different languages, easy! Well, but consider Bosnian […]

Language learning – Loving, connecting, expanding

Have you ever wished you could be someone other than your own old self? Had a more charming voice, a bit less boring face, a more daring personality… if only for one moment? Have you ever wished you could see the world around you, people, birds and garbage from a different perspective? Through someone else’s […]