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Hip-hop from yurts

Mongolia. What are the first things that come to your mind? Nothing? For me – nomads gallop throughout the grasslands on one of the best horses in the world. Falconry. Living in the middle of nowhere in yurts. But what if I tell you that Mongolia has quite a vibrant hip-hop scene? Ulaanbaatar – the […]

Two little clicks, and it’s done!

Using filters on our photos is so easy. Two little clicks, and it’s done! This automatic practice has become common, but is it safe? No! The use of filters has several negative impacts. This standardization of aesthetics can be addictive. With the majority of these filters, the nose is refined, the eyes more prominent and […]

Toxic Positivity aka Positive Vibes Only

“Toxic positivity is promoting the ideal or goal that, no matter the circumstances, one should always and only maintain a positive, happy or optimistic mindset.” Why are you sad? Your thoughts, problems, sickness, everything is in your head- if you changed your thinking, you could be happy. #PositiveVibesOnly  Hiding negative feelings and trying to ignore […]


Le vent se lève! … Il faut tenter de vivre!* (Le cimetière marin – Paul Valéry, 1920) Sun is shining, temperatures are rising and people are escaping to the sea : welcome to July! It’s now the time to relax, party or enjoy a good sunbath (but remember to stay hydrated!). While everyone is enjoying […]

Agres – the best place to ride a bike! 

(Only if you ask me and no one else!) With the rainy season finally coming to an end, we can finally go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of Agres to its fullest.  And what better way to immerse oneself in the lush, heavenly greenery than exploring it with a bike.  Now, many people might say […]

Liminal spaces “A journey to the edges of reality.”

Liminal spaces are those weird, atmospheric, and sometimes-eerie places that look like the gateway to another realm. The place where you find yourself now is so vast, empty of any presence… as if everything there was set there just for you. You might feel free to do as you please or finally find serenity outside […]

Tunisian wedding

Tunisia is a wealthy country culturally because of its strategic position between the eastern world and the occidental world, represented by the European nations located very close to the country. However, some of the country’s cultural traditions have stayed until today, which gives even more charm to this country that offers so much culture and […]

Tërheqja and Përkohësia

Në thelb, asgjë nuk është e përhershme.Mendoni për këtë: çfarë është e përhershme? Mund të përpiqeni të kërkoni pa pushim, gjithmonë do të merrni të njëjtën përgjigje: asgjë. Prindërit tanë nuk do të jenë këtu përgjithmonë, partnerët tanë, qentë tanë, shtëpitë tona, makinat tona, madje edhe Toka jonë nuk është e përhershme. Çdo gjë ka […]

Folk horror: a sub-genre of horror that draws on the roots of our cultures

Witches, demons and ancient gods… Folk horror feeds on the oldest popular myths and legends of our history, sources of fascination and deep fear buried in each of us. Imbued with enchantment and occultism forgotten in our modern society, lose yourself on a short journey into the heart of the folk horror mysteries. Before we […]

Skaznuvalka – The power of story

We can safely say that stories accompany us always and everywhere. The pleasant voice of loved ones reading has a soothing effect on us when we are children. Later, when we grow up, the impact of stories increases even more: a well-chosen story enriches our experience and imagination, expands our vocabulary, shows other thought patterns, […]

Librat – si miqtë tanë

Librat – një stil i jashtëzakonshëm arti që ka ekzistuar që nga krijimi i vetë shoqërisë. Duke u nisur nga piktogramet e thjeshta kuneiforme dhe shumëngjyrëshe të gjetura në pllaka balte dhe mure ndërtesash të lashta, papiruse misterioze, copëza faqesh të ngjitura në lidhëse të thjeshta dhe dalëngadalë duke u evoluar në kryevepra të mrekullueshme […]