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VOICES December 2018

We are announcing the month of memories, the return to the year photos, sweet smiles, the challenges and successes of the past 11 pearls that seized the 2018th. The holidays that we celebrate with our loved ones, with people who respect and like us, are a great opportunity to share the successes and challenges that […]


Transcontinental Race (TCR) – one of the youngest events on the bicycle map of Europe. The adventure of TCR started only five years ago in 2013 and was inaugurated by late Mike Hall. The fifth edition of the race was a special one as originator’s death preceded the event which called TCR into question. This […]

12 hours journey, lifelong 7 days experience!

Another cold autumn day, clouds surround my city and first rain drops dance on my window,the phone makes a sound. E-mail from Volunteers Center Skopje: “Do you want to take part in the on-location training about learning design in the frame of the project “LeaD in Practice” in Athens, Greece?” Three phase project, online, on-location […]

Voices December issue 2017

Here, and we left 2017 behind us. In the coming days we will make a retrospective of what we have done, where we have been successful, and where we failed. And we promise ourselves that from the New Year… In fact, we should first look at our schedule and expel things that are not necessary. […]