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VOICES November 2020

Don’t you think happiness should be found on every leaf of the Tree of life? Our team recently grew up, as we happilly welcomed new volunteers along with their enthusiasm and refreshing writing talents. Are you up for traveling the world and the seven seas? We will make you travel far away, to beautifully diverse […]

How I will change society: Krisztina Kerekes

Krisztina Kerekes from Romania is a 19 years old girl. She grew up in a little town – Miercurea Ciuc – in Romania, between the Carpathian Mountains. Since she was a child, she wanted to be a doctor, to help people, to make their life happier, but when she grew up she realized that this […]

Support your local dreamer

Does it matter where you make your purchases, and to whom does it matter? Nowadays it’s really easy to just go and buy whatever you need from big supermarkets, or what’s becoming more and more popular, ordering from online. And why not? It’s much cheaper and more convenient to go and buy everything you need […]


Самоуништување или пак казнување на своето его поради туѓите грешки. Цената на гревовите кои се нанесуваат врз тебе, ја плаќаш со сопствените солзи. Секој ден се повеќе и повеќе плаќаш за секој еден човек, кој решил да го упропасти твојот живот, бидејќи неговиот веќе и го нема. Молчиш и чекаш судбината да постави некои нови […]

Desert Man

One day I was going to the metro and saw a man standing on the pass way, selling snacks. When I walked the same pass way at 12 AM, he was still there, about to pack his stuff. I looked at his face and saw no tiredness (at least it wasn’t visible). I saw a […]

The Red Door

“Till you have a story to tell it means that you are alive” Once upon a time there was a girl living in the country of the Sun with her family. Growing up at on her 6th year she realized that in the Earth there is one spot, one place named Scotland. Something catches her […]

Go to sleep

Your brain will not. While you are sleeping, your brain is cleaning, refueling and repairing itself. People sleep about a third of their lifetime, so when you reach the age of 75 you have slept 25 years. It sounds absurd, but at least you will not beat Sleeping Beauty’s record of 100 years of sleep. […]