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Недокажани зборови

Недокажани зборови,неиспишани стихови,не сонувани сонови,неискористени мигови…Неостварени мечти,недогледни небесни зраци,незаборавни ѕвездени краци…Посакувам, се да ти кажевсите стихови на светот да ти ги подарев,сите сонови да ги споделевсите мигови да ги доживеев.Сите мечти да ги дофатевсите сончеви зраци да ги осетевсите ѕвездени краци да ги украдев.Посакувам да можевме да побегнемеод целиот универзум да заминеме,да исчезнеме во времето,да […]

Are Dreams Realizable?

“Anybody can be a halfway man, but the one who rises above this class is the one who keeps everlastingly pushing” – J. Ogden Armour Out of all things I enjoy, reading the biography of great men (and great women) gives me the best pleasure. Of all books I’ve read, books about those who had […]


May; the month of freedom and gratitude  Freedom is a term usually used to describe the feeling where a person doesn’t feel attached to any responsibilities or priorities and is free to live as he wishes.  Nowadays, many people consider freedom a utopia because they find it impossible to be liberated from their life roles […]


“If you can`t sleep at night it`s because you are awake in someone else`s dream”-Japanese proverb Life as we know it happens here and now, with our presence or without, in this dimension. And still the scientists argue on how many and what other dimensions are possible out there for us. Well since the beginning […]