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Сакам да учам

Кога ќе ја кажам оваа реченица, добивам чудни погледи од луѓето, проследени со реченицата: Е ова прв пат го слушам. Но, зошто? Што има толку чудно во тоа една средношколка да ужива во учењето? Зарем тоа мора да е обврска која се извршува со цел да се има некаков успех во иднината? Обврска, која мора […]

VOICES April 2022

Oh, April! The month of rebirth and re-awakening – look at those trees and flowers! After a surprisingly long winter, we can enjoy the sunny and warm weather again. Can you smell the new adventures in the air? Finally, we can say bye-bye to winter coats and enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking to Vodno every weekend? […]

Sexual education with Darko Milosevski

Sexual education helps to understand the sexual image, openness, relationships, and connection with other people. We talked with Darko Milosevski, who is a sexual educator and shares his work experience in that area.

Визуелно попречените лица и пандемијата: “Само сакам да престане, да направам да исчезне”

Пандемијата не беше лесна. Прегратките станаа ладни боксчиња, излегувањето со пријателите се претвори во долги часови на телефон, допирот стана забранет и завладеја страв и дезинфекција. Блискоста исчезна, но некои луѓе ја почувствуваа повеќе од другите. “Беше ужасно, бев преплашен”, сподели Филип Величковски, ученик во 7-мо одделение во „Димитар Влахов“, единственото училиште во Македонија за […]

Visually impaired and the pandemic: “I just want to stop it, to make it disappear”

The pandemic hasn’t been easy. Hugs became cold fist bumps, going out with friends became long hours on the phone, touching became forbidden, and disinfection and fear took over. Closeness disappeared, but some people felt it more than others. “It wasn’t good, I was pretty afraid,” shares Filip Velickovski, a 7th grader studying at Dimitar […]

What is youth work?

Youth work is a central element in our democracies that enable young people to develop their intellectual and physical skills in a way that is aimed at ensuring better development as well as enhanced opportunities for their prospective adult lives. What is youth work, and how can it help young people throughout their development?

Language Research based on School Education and Innate Language Abilities

How come that so many people are not able to speak a foreign language after graduating from school? This is the most usual question so far, but no one has given a proper answer yet. Is it so hard to pick up basic linguistic knowledge? Maybe the educational program and school methods are to blame. […]

Wikipedia, a Bastion of Idealism on the Internet

Whoever possesses a good internet connection has probably used Wikipedia at least once and has a bit of knowledge about it. But do people know why and how it was created, and what is its place in our virtual world? When Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created on the 15th of January 2001 their free […]

Volunteers of the Russian language”

Russian-Macedonian project named “Volunteers of the Russian language” is a new youth educational-cultural project created at the initiative of the Macedonian organization for cultural cooperation INTERKULTURA from Skopje and the Russian youth organization Fund for Development of Social Diplomacy from Krasnodar. The project aims to contribute to the formation of a positive image of Russia […]

“Волонтери на Руски јазик”

Руско-македонски проект именуван „Волонтери на Рускиот јазик” е нов младински едукативно-културолошки проект создаден на иницијатива на македонска организација за културна соработка „ИНТЕРКУЛТУРА“ од Скопје и руската младинска организација „Фонд за  развој на општествена дипломатија“ од Краснодар. Проектот има за цел, да придонесе за формирање на позитивна слика за Русија кај помладата генерација на Македонија преку […]

The singular story of the month: Chi va piano va sano

On the one hand, instantaneity is sometimes seen as a way of life. On the other hand, some people decide to go off the beaten track and decide to act following a more slow-living pace. Let’s travel to the heart of breath cutting Tuscany to discover how this paradigm could be put into practice. The […]