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Learning English

Learning English is not a choice nowadays, it’s an obligation. You can go everywhere in the world if you know English. Besides, it’s a very important criterion for finding a job. Almost every country has English lessons in schools, but students can’t learn English with these lessons. For example, in Turkey, English lessons start from […]

Zëra të humbur? Vdekja e gjuhëve dhe rëndësia e tyre.

Mendoni sikur jeni në një shfaqje kuizi dhe dikush ju kërkon të emërtoni përnjëherë 5 gjuhë. Cilat do të ishin ato? Me shumë gjasa gjuha juaj amtare dhe disa gjuhë të tjera që janë tepër të populluara, si: anglishtja, spanjishtja, frëngjishtja apo kinezishtja. Por a e njihni gjuhën lakote, piraha, ainu, guarani apo luksemburgishten? Jo? […]

Lost Voices? The death of languages and why it matters.

Imagine you are in a quiz show and someone asks you to quickly name 5 languages. What would you come up? Probably your mothertongue and some of the big and popular languages. English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese. But do you know Lakota, Pirahã, Ainu, Guarani or Luxembourgish? No? Surprise, there are about 6000 languages in […]

VOICES May 2019

May bring us to the topics of environment and coolest trends to help the nature right now. What is exactly happening on Earth right now and what can we do? And what is happening close – but far away in space? This edition takes us to travel to Pakistan, gives us a peek to Ukraine’s […]

VOICES April 2019

With rising temperatures and spring being in full bloom we present you the colourful new April edition of Voices. How does it feel to be a foreigner? What do dragonflies eat? What is going on in the skating community in Kavadarci? How is it to live to sing in the Opera? Find the answers to […]

General overview of my three months on EVS

I came to do my EVS to Portugal at the end of September, and so far my experience here has been one of the best things in my life. There are a lot of reasons for that. First of all, the project I’ve been working on, Agueda Volunteering Land, has succeeded to go further than […]

VOICES March 2019

What brings you the edition of Voices for March 2019? First of all, Martinka, read more about the symbolism of this tradition, we bring positive vibrations from Slovenia, we prepare for spring “Juggling” and we are saying temporarily goodbye to “Skating in Poland”. “Self-love” is the most important moment for everything stated to be realized. […]

Why do I need feet when I have wings to fly?

She said once when the pain in her body caused by tragic accident in teenage time was unbearable. Even with constant ache that accompanying to her all life she never stopped live and love to the fullest. Symbol of emancipation, free bird and what is the most important extraordinary artist –Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y […]

YE “Human Libraries” in Turkey

A Youth Exchange focused on bridging differences and contributing to build open and inclusive societies.

VCS ON AIR : meeting City Radio

For an afternoon, the VCS crew became radio pundits. Discover what happened in this blog report.

Interview with Dario Juričan: Find Yourself

This author of over 50 short movies in different genres we met at the Dario Juričan in Skopje. Dario Juričan is also regional pioneer in investigative journalism. His first long documentary “The Boss” had a big success. As a producer he had a big success in crowd-funding. You don’t have any traditional education in film-making… […]