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“Marriage of cultures” YE, an experience that unites

“An Erasmus project is not just a week in your life but your life in a week.” Recently, the team and I from Macedonia came back from a beautiful Erasmus experience. We were a part of the Youth Exchange “Marriage of Cultures” in Portugal, where we spent seven days full of friendship and fun but […]


During my last weekend here in Skopje, circumstances led me to live an experience that I never thought I would witness today. Thanks to my friend Zoe, I crossed Macedonia from the capital Skopje to Thessaloniki in Greece, relying only on the virtues of solidarity and sharing. Let me tell you everything about it. Couchsurfing? […]

Two little clicks, and it’s done!

Using filters on our photos is so easy. Two little clicks, and it’s done! This automatic practice has become common, but is it safe? No! The use of filters has several negative impacts. This standardization of aesthetics can be addictive. With the majority of these filters, the nose is refined, the eyes more prominent and […]

Historia e Shteteve të Bashkuara përmes syve të Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese lindi në vitin 1942 në Queens, Nju Jork në një familje tradicionale siciliane. Ai është inkuadruar shumë herët në botën e kinemasë për faktin se dy prindërit e tij ishin aktorë. Duke qenë astmatik, ai nuk ka mundur të ushtrojë asnjë sport, ndaj në vend të kësaj, prindërit e tij e dërgonin shumë […]

History of the United States through the eyes of Martin Scorsese

In a traditional Sicilian family, Martin Scorsese was born in 1942 in Queens, New York. He has been in the world of cinema early in his life, given that his two parents were actors. Being asthmatic, he hasn’t been able to practice any sports, so instead of this, his parents take him to the cinema […]

Sixto Rodriguez: America zero, South Africa hero 

We are in the late ’60s, the Civil Rights movement is rising, the Vietnam war is raging, and apartheid is dividing, but music, culture, and people’s mind are changing. Amongst this messy context, a lower-class construction worker from Detroit will change the world. Without even knowing it! Let me tell you the story of Sixto […]

Colombia’s reincarnation

The Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose story was chronicled in the wildly popular Netflix series “Narcos,” made Colombia synonymous with the cartel, cocaine, and violence. From an almost failed state with countless problems of drug trafficking, violence, and guerrilla warfare, Colombia seems to be opening a new era of change. How did Colombia achieve […]

Toxic Positivity aka Positive Vibes Only

“Toxic positivity is promoting the ideal or goal that, no matter the circumstances, one should always and only maintain a positive, happy or optimistic mindset.” Why are you sad? Your thoughts, problems, sickness, everything is in your head- if you changed your thinking, you could be happy. #PositiveVibesOnly  Hiding negative feelings and trying to ignore […]

Trade is more

Have you ever wished to get something without spending money? Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but it is possible. This is what trade is based on. Get something just by exchanging items without “touch” money. Some people still use this type of economy as a usual way of life, but others have started using […]

Sands are running out

“Sand is the main material that modern cities are made from. It is to cities what flour is to bread, what cells are to our bodies”, says the journalist Vincent Beiser in his book “The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization.” Even though the sand is hidden from our eyes, it is everywhere around us. We use it not only for making glass, steel, and concrete -the fundament of every modern city -but also for paint, computer chips, and even toothpaste. We use sand so much that, besides water, it is the most relevant resource in the world.

“Would you know my name?”: The tragic story behind the song “Tears in Heaven”.

Eric Clapton was born in 1945 in Ripley, England. He is one of the most influential guitarists of all time as Rolling Stone put him 2nd in their ranking of “the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All-Time”, right after Jimi Hendrix. His music style is Blues Rock, inspired by many great legends like B.B King, Muddy […]