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Interview with Dario Juričan: Find Yourself

This author of over 50 short movies in different genres we met at the Dario Juričan in Skopje. Dario Juričan is also regional pioneer in investigative journalism. His first long documentary “The Boss” had a big success. As a producer he had a big success in crowd-funding. You don’t have any traditional education in film-making… […]

Laughter in theatre

It is undeniable that theatre is gifted with a peculiar— and to many — charming, atmosphere. Of the Seven Arts, it might very well be the most startling one. The night is young, the crowd is chattering, the mood is light. Lights are still bright, shining on the bright red carpet or reflecting on the […]

Love without borders

Their story might be the script for romantic movie but it’s even better because it’s real. Her name is Lenedge. His name is Jani. She is from Republic of South Africa. He is from Macedonia. Already sounds interesting? Read further… They met for the first time on 29th January 2013 on the cruise ship where […]


If there was one issue that really broke out in the end of last year It would be called gender inequality. With in that there are many aspects like pay cap, sexism and discrimination etc. But my thought was why haven’t we still conquered this problem. I rest that thought in my head for a […]

Frozen colossus

Icebergs, dancing prima ballerinas, arks and submarines, the architecture of the city is so much more than expected. Darkness, supple figures emerge from the obscurity, the play of lights and shadows begins, spotlights follow the motion of dancers and the building joins them in the act. Ballet is an art where movement, minimalism and lightness […]

The soul of Skopje

What makes a good city? What traits does it need to hold to become attractive? What qualities does it need to entail to charm outsider within its walls? What is it in them that fascinates us to the point of, sometimes literally, falling in love with them? As Charles Baudelaire put it: “What strange phenomena […]

Intercultural communication at its best

Probably a milestone in Erasmus + programme, a training course with participants from 27 countries representing their cultures and working on minorities issues. Youth workers learning new methods how to combat minority discrimination and learning about the situations and realities in different countries. Interactive work and sharing of good practices is the core of non-formal […]

DIJON: It’s not only about mustard

Dijon is a French city between Paris and Lyon. It’s the capital of Burgundy region with 152.071 inhabitants. This city is famous for the mustard. Maybe you know the «moustarde de Dijon». But forget that, there is so much cooler thing you need to know It’s very often cold in Dijon, more than the towns […]

The Heartbeat of Europe

How a small Dutch city became international The master of ceremony cheered. “You made it” he exclaimed, as I was carefully opening the doors of the papyruszaal, trying not to draw attention to my late coming to arguably the most important event of my university career thus far. Luckily, he wasn’t addressing me, rather he […]

Third NGO Fair held in Skopje

The third annual NGO Fair took place on the 6th December 2017 at the Youth  Cultural Centre (YCC) in Skopje. From eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, dozens of volunteers and organizers were busy facilitating the work of 200 participants working for the 66 NGO ‘s represented there, all under the supervision […]

Weekly local activities of VCS (21.11 – 28.11.2017)

The real feel of autumn is upon us this month and we kept ourselves warm by doing various activities together with some students in the following high schools in Skopje. Our team In cooperation with Vasil Antevski – Dren, we started the week with the main topic ‘multiculturalism’ which was held in 3 workshops, where […]