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Me pak motivim dhe shumë diciplinë për ndjesi të mirë dhe shëndet të plotë

A e dini se ekziston aktivitet i cili ndihmon në shëndetin tuaj të përgjithshëm? Aktivitet që përmirëson format e juaja fizike, rrit imunitetin dhe ndihmon në shëndetin mental. Ky aktivitet mund të jetë i çfarëdo lloji, mjafton që t’ju falë kënaqësi gjatë praktikimit, ku në të njëjtën kohë kërkon pak mund, harxhon shumë kalori dhe […]

Со малку мотивација и многу дисциплина до убаво чувство и добро здравје

Знаете ли дека постои активност што помага на вашето целокупно општо здравје? Ја подобрува вашата физичка форма, го подигнува имунитетот и го подобрува менталното здравје. Таа активност може да е штобило, што вам ви претставува задоволство да го практикувате, а одзема малку физички напор, троши многу калории и ги подобрува сите ваши способности. И на […]

VOICES July 2020

“Dance is the hidden passion of our soul.” – Martha Graham This month dancing is our passion. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself, relieve stress, and forget everything around you. The times of solitude are passing, have you had enough time to take a look at your inner self, reflect your thoughts and dreams, […]

Annual EPTO event

On 22-23 September, Volunteers Center Skopje, represented by Andrej Naumovski and Vasko Joshevski, was participating in the Annual EPTO Event for Members 2018. It was a regular meeting of members of the EPTO network held in Modica, Sicily, and hosted by the non-governmental organization Attiva-Mente. During the event, representatives of organizations from Belgium, Romania, Portugal, […]

ЕVS in Portugal, Project “Agueda Volunteering Land”

I come form Kocani, Macedonia and I’m 21 years old. I am part of an EVS project called “Agueda Volunteering Land”, witch is taking place in Agueda, Portugal. Before I start speaking specifically about my project I want to share few things for my EVS experience in general. I’m on EVS together with seven other […]

We are cool, we are volunteers!

Volunteering is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person can experience. Being a volunteer means to act with the society without expecting a financial or material reimbursement in return. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering and to encourage young people to take initiative, a youth exchange with a duration […]

Project YES – Youth European Strategy 2

It’s the friends we meet along the road that help us appreciate the journey. Excited to meet each other from the very beginning we shared positive energy by drawing our portraits and remembering our names. The ice-breaking and bonding games helped us to get to know each other better. We did some energizers and officially open the Youth European Strategy 2 project. Looking […]

Hitchhiking: a taste of adventure, freedom and friendly time

Hitchhiking for traveling? No way, that’s what I thought before to experiment it. For a lot of people, hitchhiking sounds like something negative, something which can be dangerous, especially when you are alone and even more when you are a girl. Hitchhiking is a question of feeling. When the driver stops, there is this moment […]

Youth exchange “Here is what we did Zoom in zoom out”

Romania, beautiful country  with gorgeous  nature.  We were 5 people from Macedonia on youth exchange in Bushteni, Romania from  19.06 to 29.06. Those were the best  10 days in our lives.  Bushteni is small city placed at the bottom of Bucegi mountains . It was our first time in Bushteni  so we didn’t know what […]

Antwerp – City of Diamonds

  Antwerp is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Belgium, but it’s not the capital. It has quite a multicultural population of around 500.000 people. The city is located around the river Scheldt, which makes it a perfect location for being the second biggest port of Europe, after Rotterdam’s port in the […]

Меѓународен проект “NEETSinNEED”

Помеѓу 08-17 јуни 2018 година во Струга, Република Македонија во хотелот “Солферино” се одржа третата активност на проектот “NEETSinNEED”, кофинансирана од програмата Еразмус +.  Станува збор за тренинг курс, за развивање на компетенции пд областа на претприемништвото за млади луѓе што припаѓаат на NEED групата. Младински работници и младински лидери од 4 различни земји се […]