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“Would you know my name?”: The tragic story behind the song “Tears in Heaven”.

Eric Clapton was born in 1945 in Ripley, England. He is one of the most influential guitarists of all time as Rolling Stone put him 2nd in their ranking of “the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All-Time”, right after Jimi Hendrix. His music style is Blues Rock, inspired by many great legends like B.B King, Muddy […]

Agres – the best place to ride a bike! 

(Only if you ask me and no one else!) With the rainy season finally coming to an end, we can finally go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of Agres to its fullest.  And what better way to immerse oneself in the lush, heavenly greenery than exploring it with a bike.  Now, many people might say […]

Open your eyes – Erasmus Edition

What to do after finishing school? You feel it, huh? I was asking myself this question hundreds of times. There isn’t one solution. But, as I am older, I will give you guys some free advice. I was trying to suit the pattern that I HAD TO go to university after finishing high school. No […]

Тоа што сме сите различни еден од друг, нè прави да сме сите еднакви

Ние, младите во Радовиш, среќни сме, што живееме во еден мал и мирен град, кој исто така ни нуди и можности да го исполниме нашето слободно време со активности кои ни помагаат да научиме многу нешта и во исто време да им помогнеме на сите кои имаат потреба од помош. Една од тие можности е […]

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different

Тhe young people in Radovis are happy to be living in a small and peaceful town, which also offers us opportunities to fill our free time with activities that help us learn many things and help people in need. One of those opportunities is to be part of the Red Cross Branch in Radovis. Exactly […]

Живеејќи во виртуелен свет

Вести, слики, видеа, информации, игри, работа од далечина, средба со лекар преку интернет, нарачување производи и облека, разговор со вашите пријатели од друга страна на светот. Имате пристап до сето тоа ако имате интернет и паметен телефон или друг уред што може да се користи за да ве доведе на интернет. Во денешно време има […]

Volunteering in a Spanish village that even Google can’t find

What is “Agres”? Do you mean “Sagres”? No, Mr. Google, it’s Agres, trust me. A village is resting on a peaceful mountain that is ever so present in the narrow streets that feel more vertical than horizontal. A bundle of houses squashed together – a place where everything is close, and the people are even […]

Folk horror: a sub-genre of horror that draws on the roots of our cultures

Witches, demons and ancient gods… Folk horror feeds on the oldest popular myths and legends of our history, sources of fascination and deep fear buried in each of us. Imbued with enchantment and occultism forgotten in our modern society, lose yourself on a short journey into the heart of the folk horror mysteries. Before we […]

Македонски шлагери-заборавено музичко богатство

“Музиката ја измива прашината на секојдневието од душата” — Берголд Авербах Музиката е секаде околу нас, таа е комбинација на вокални и инструментални звуци и форма на емоционално изразување. Доживеала многу промени со развојот на светот и токму затоа некои видови на музика и музичари остануваат заборавени во времето во кое се создале. Во нашите […]

Old Macedonian hits – a forgotten musical treasure 

“The music washes away the dust of the every day from the soul.” — Bergold Averbach         Music is all around us. It is a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds and a form of emotional expression. It has undergone many changes with the development of the world. That is why some types […]

Concrete landscapes

I’ve always been fascinated by the problems of urban areas. Damaged buildings, squatting people in empty corners where even police are afraid to check. Additionally, loads of socio-economic issues the municipality cannot handle alone. My former field of study is recreating these spaces and making them more livable. I feel like it is engrained in […]