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The green city shall sprout again

Skopje Light Art District was arranged again for the third time on 19 – 22 of August in Skopje, Macedonia. An event which is uniting art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light. This year the cultural events have been on a break because of the […]

How I will change society: Shubhdeep Singh Parwana

Shubhdeep Singh Parwana lives in Aarhus, Denmark and he is a cultural entrepreneur, artist and visual anthropology student. He finds inspiration in working with curiosity and ownership as methods to engage himself and others around him. His project is the creation of a mini festival and a series of different cultural events created by young […]

How I will change society: Daniel de Garcia Morales

Daniel was born in Santa Coloma, Spain and he devoted his self to fine arts. His wish is to organize art festival in his local place which will be important for protection of their culture. Daniel was selected for the project “European Youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective South-North-East-West […]

Love for ALL / Liebe für ALLE! Sharing the message

Love for ALL (german: Liebe für Alle) is a non-profit organization based in Leipzig (Germany). It originated from an action that a bunch of people in Magdeburg (Germany) started in 2012. The idea behind it is to fight discrimination and share the message of tolerance, solidarity and love around the world. According to the activists […]

Once Upon a Festival…

…about the Youth Open Theatre Festival My first remembrances of this festival originate from the days I had in Yugoslavia. Then I was in high-school. But even when I was in primary school I decided I wanted to be an artist in films and theater. At that time there was no Internet. The distribution of […]

YouthFest 2019: youth stories – youth power

Brain drain is not what happens after spending too much time in front of Netflix but a serious issue affecting many countries in the Balkans. Young people don’t see a perspective at home and leave in search for a better future. What is necessary to make people stay? Youth Fest, a festival in Skopje, highlighted […]

Surva: Carnival in Pernik

I am in Pernik, a small town in Bulgaria, where the Surva festival has taken place since 1966. I am staying at the house of my friend Ina, who is a local and has been celebrating the feast since her birth. It is the last weekend of January, really cold but still sunny. We enjoyed […]

DrimON Festival is happening NOW!

Summer is full of festivals and events that make our vactions special and help us to relax and enjoy. One of the events that it’s worth to visit this summer is DrimON Festival in Struga. VCS is there as well, our EVS volunteers, Ann and Paulina are already in Struga where they’re helping in preparation […]

VCS TEAM at D Festival

  Our VCS team was part of 2018 Dojran D Festival (06-08.07) where they had a chance to introduce Erasmus+ and our local projects like VOICES. It was great event to meet people not only from Skopje but also from other places in Macedonia and talk about the options they have to take part of […]

Повик за волонтери на Фестивалот на улични изведувачи- „Баскерфест 2018“

БАСКЕРФЕСТ е прв меѓународен и мултикултурен уличен фестивал во Македонија, признат како најголем настан од ваков вид во регионот.. Тринаесетта година по ред, на градскиот плоштад во Скопје, ќе се одржи уличниот театар под отворено небо на кој учествуваат улични артисти од разни краишта на светот. Жонглери, акробати, магионичари, кловнови, циркуси, пантомимичари, музичари, илузионсти, танчери.   Волонтерски […]

Interview with Dario Juričan: Find Yourself

This author of over 50 short movies in different genres we met at the Dario Juričan in Skopje. Dario Juričan is also regional pioneer in investigative journalism. His first long documentary “The Boss” had a big success. As a producer he had a big success in crowd-funding. You don’t have any traditional education in film-making… […]