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The music industry has a name, and its Taylor Swift

More than 15 years of musical activity, but not only that: staying on top for several years. Despite many adversities, critics, and actions aimed at pushing her from the top, she continues to create, convincing more and more people to listen to her music. Why is Taylor Swift a phenomenon? At 14, she signed a […]

Witches – from fairytales to becoming one

When we think of a witch, the first thing to pop up in our heads is an old, green-skinned hag riding a broom in the night sky, with a black cat next to her. Or rather, that’s what the media made us think of witches. But how do they look like then?

Дали некогаш сте слушнале за луѓето Sámi?

Тие се луѓе кои потекнуваат од северниот дел на Русија, Финска, Шведска  и Норвешка, во регион кој се нарекува Sápmi. Овој текст е за нивната древна религија. Древната митологија на луѓето Sámi била религија за природата, која го претставувала универзумот на три нивоа: небесниот свет, светот на земјата и светот во подземјето. Нивното гледање кон […]

Have you ever heard about Sámi people?

The indigenous Finno-Ugricpeople inhabiting northern side of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, in a region called Sápmi. This article is about their ancient religions. Sámi ancient mythology was a religion of nature that embraced the universe in three levels: the celestial world, the terrestrial world and the underground world. Their world view can be described […]