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Si yo fuera Maradona…

“Si yo fuera Maradona, viviria como él” (If I would be Maradona, I would live just like him) – “La Vida Tombola”, Manu Chao There were many sports figures that shone once and disappeared, like a shooting star who existed just for a glimpse of a moment. There were those, who are now legends, and […]

VOICES December 2020

For the 15th anniversary of the creation of Volunteers Centre Skopje, let’s go back to the future! Nikola Stankoski (Director and Founder of VCS) provides us with a unique insight into the origins of this pioneering NGO. He shares with us the spark that ignited his willingness to initiate this adventure with communicative good vibes. […]

Football – The universal language that makes memories for life

Football, the universal language whose grammar is unchanging from the North Pole to the Equator. The game that connects people, cherish life and makes memories for life. During the summer, this language is most spoken in three Scandinavian cities. In this period, three of the largest football tournaments for youth are taking place in the […]

VOICES September 2019

Summer is coming to an end, the days start getting shorter and the heat that we could enjoy (or suffer from?) will step by step transform into the chilly wind of autumn. But life goes on and every ending also includes the beginning of something new! So here’s a new edition of VOICES! Like already […]

Полски орли набрзо ќе летаат под Македонското сонце

Иако сум во Македонија и многу ми се допаѓа, јас сепак сум од Полска, па затоа сакав да напишам нешто што спојува повеќе нации и во исто време го потхранува нивното ривалство. Спорт. Било каков спорт. Но затоа што следи Полско – Македонската битка  во Европските квалификации, сега се работи за фудбал. Отсекогаш сум сакала […]

Polish eagles about to fly into Macedonian sun…

Since I’m in Macedonia and I love it, but still I’m truly Polish, I wanted to write about something that unites different nations and in the same time it gives them „food” for rivalry. Sports. Any kind. But because Polish-Macedonian battle in Euro qualifying is coming, it’s all about football now. I have always been […]

Through to the finals!

Two more games. Only two more games and Macedonia has a chance to play at the European Championship. After the success of Macedonian under 21 team, that took part in the European Championship in Poland in 2017 where unfortunately the team was not able to go through to the later stages, it appears a new […]

До сите вас #FootballPeople

Во периодот од 11 до 25 Октомври 2018 година глобалното движење на FARE мрежата #FootballPeople се случуваше насекаде низ светот. Во овие денови активноста беше да се предизвикаат сите форми на дискриминација, да се промовираат на спортските вредности и да се истакне фактот дека фудбалот е игра за сите, без разлика кои сме, од каде […]

To all of you #FootballPeople

From the 11th till the 25th of October 2018 the global movement of the FARE network, #FootballPeople was taking place all around the world. In these weeks the action is to challenge all forms of discrimination, promote sport values and make and celebrate the fact that football is a game for all, regardless of who […]


At the begging of the world cup, picks were doing well. Which team will win this 21 first soccer competition. The title holder, Germany? Brazil with Neymar? Or the unpredictable Spain ? And what about France with its young team, Argentine with Messi or Portugal, last winner of European Cup?  Or Belgium lead by Hazard, […]

World Football Championship 2018

In the period ahead, all eyes will be directed to the most important secondarything of the world, and that is the 21st World Football Championship, which will be held in Russia from June 14th to July 15th. This will be the first world championship held in Europe since the 2006 championship in Germany, and it […]