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On this training course, which took place in a charming small village of Laguepie, France, participants from different countries went deeper into the topics of gender equality. Promoting Rights and Opportunities to Understand Diversity – The training started with introduction and “getting to know to each other”- games and team building activities to create the […]

Welcome Jules, the new volunteer from France!

Здраво! My name is Jules Striffler. I come from Alsace, a border area in France neighboring Germany and Switzerland. I studied first a Bachelor in Languages & Interculturality. Then, I decided to go for European Studies with the Erasmus Mundus joint Master of Arts in Euroculture. So far, I have been studying or working in […]

Where the heart has never been

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the borders? What lies deep under the ocean and up above the clouds? Do you find yourself dreaming about uncovering every story and legend hidden all around the world? Are you curious to see every beauty and miracle the world holds? Close your eyes and enjoy the ride. You […]

Fuqia për të qenë i dobishëm

Eshtë slogani i ri i Shërbimit Civil, programi francez i vullnetarizmit. Duket si programi EVS, dhe është për shtetasit francezë mes 16 dhe 25 vjeç. Ata angazhohen për komunitetin dhe interesin e përgjithshëm të një misioni në Francë ose jashtë saj. Për shembull, vullnetarët tanë të rinj Tanguy dhe Camille janë pjesë e këtij programi. […]

The power to be useful

It is the new slogan of the Civil Service, the French volunteering programme. It looks like the EVS programme for French people between 16 and 25 years old. They commit themselves to the community and to the general interest of a mission in France or abroad. For example, our new volunteers Tanguy and Camille are […]

Добредојде на Камил, нашата нова волонтерка од Франција!

Здраво! Јас сум Камил и доаѓам од Лил, Северна Франција. Имам 21 години и дипломирав бизнис втор степен. Покрај бизнисот, она што го учев во Франција, јас сум и постара сестра, добар пријател и скаут шеф веќе една година (инаку сум скаут уште од 2008 година). Како личност која што е љубопитна за светот, сакам […]

Welcome Camille, our new volunteer from France!

Здраво ! I’m Camille and I come from Lille, in the North of France. I’m 21 years old and I graduated in 2nd business degree. I’m not just a businesswoman like I learned to be in France, I am also an older sister, a good friend and a scout chief for 1 year (I’m scout […]

Welcome Tanguy, the new volunteer from France!

Bonjour, Hello, Zdravo! Let’s introduce myself: I’m 20 years old, I come from France, from one of the biggest city in France – Lille! It’s a very nice city and I spent good time there since my birth! I just graduated from my Bachelor’s degree in Sciences in Audiovisual and Media Technology. I enjoyed going […]

Добредојде на Тангуи – Нашиот нов волонтер од Франција!

Bonjour, Hello, Здраво! Да се претставам: Имам 20 години и доаѓам од Франција, од еден од најголемите градови – Лил! Лил е многу убав град и добро живеев таму. Неодамна дипломирав аудиовизуелна и медиумска технологија. Убаво ми беше на факултет, но почувстував потреба да направам пауза, да видам други нешта, надвор од моето секојдневно окружување, […]

Welcome Astrid, our new Volunteer from France!

So many things happened in my mind!! Many questions and many fears! But that’s exactly why i’m here: to cross my limits. I don’t wan’t my life to be guided by fears anymore. I’m Astrid, a French girl  aged 27 yo. I just got my diploma as a specialized educator and for me this is […]

DIJON: It’s not only about mustard

Dijon is a French city between Paris and Lyon. It’s the capital of Burgundy region with 152.071 inhabitants. This city is famous for the mustard. Maybe you know the «moustarde de Dijon». But forget that, there is so much cooler thing you need to know It’s very often cold in Dijon, more than the towns […]