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Too much of Valentine’s Day? There is a solution

Every year, when February is knocking on the door, many people start to fear and worry about what to do on that unfortunate day when love wins. Are you spending Valentine’s Day alone again, watching on social media how everyone pretends that their relationship is perfect? Instead of getting sad, gather a group of friends […]

Social media makes us less social

The longest running study of all time gives us the answer to an essential life question. What makes a good life?

Victoria and Abdul – a tale of colonial past and decolonial future

Can you imagine Queen Victoria, the head of the British Empire at its heyday and of the Church of England, having classes with a dark-skinned Indian Muslim jail clerk? Can you imagine him becoming a friend and adviser, honored with titles and wealth? Can you imagine him teaching her about the Quran and her writing […]

A friend is wanted

I don’t like to define – especially when it comes to people, people I don’t even know but I want in my life. To define is necessarily to limit. Sometimes, we can blind ourselves to wonderful people and shield ourselves from beautiful experiences because those we meet simply do not fit the characteristics that we […]

VOICES February 2020

Even though the weather lately doesn’t really seem like it, we’re in the middle of winter! These days, the thermometer shows up to 13 degrees but the nights are still long, dark and cold. So what would be better during this season than enjoying the warmth of some nice company. Maybe some good friend(s)? The […]

Преку граници и континенти: Љубов и пријателство на далечина

Луѓето се честопати љубопитни за тоа како функционираат меѓународните или меѓукултурните или трансконтиненталните врски, но се прашуваат какво е нивното секојдневие. Навистина може да се каже дека е тешко да се замислите себеси во врска на далечина, ако никогаш не сте биле во слична врска, али ако живеете во место каде што нема многу простор […]

Across borders and continents: International love and friendship

People are often curious about how international or transcultural or transcontinental relationships work out, and what they are like, on a day to day basis. It is true that it can be difficult to conceive, if you’ve never been in one, if you live in a place where there is not much room or opportunity […]

VOICES July & August 2019

Now go on a journey with our new summer issue, filled with stories about travelling and the world. Read about Thomas Maixner, a guy who cycled around the world. Have you fallen in love with a stranger? Then read our article about love and friendship across continents. The artist Banksy has captivated the world, but […]