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Learning English

Learning English is not a choice nowadays, it’s an obligation. You can go everywhere in the world if you know English. Besides, it’s a very important criterion for finding a job. Almost every country has English lessons in schools, but students can’t learn English with these lessons. For example, in Turkey, English lessons start from […]

Оставете ги на страна книгите по граматика и почнете да учите!

Дали сте посакале некогаш да научите некој јазик, а сепак да не платите за скапите часови? Без гајле, можете да го сторите тоа самите. „Самите“-ќе прашате, „ Нели е тоа премногу сложено? Зар не треба да сум супер талентиран за тоа?“ Не е сложено, само бара повеќе труд. И не, не ви е потребен талент, […]

Throw out your grammar book and start learning!

Ever wanted to learn a language and don’t want to pay for expensive classes­? No worries, just learn on your own! “On my own”, you ask, “isn’t that incredibly complicated? Don’t I need to be super talented for that?” It’s not complicated, just a lot of work. And no, you don’t need talent, just the […]