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Travel Agencies “Drown” Again

Employing about 10 000 people in Macedonia, the tourism sector was hardly hit by the pandemic – travel agencies fear the future. But there’s still hope, and its name is summer and more help from the government. The sector doesn’t give up and waits for the open borders, the easement of restrictions, and financial aid […]


Come to me

I greet you!
With high hope and trust
I meet you
With love for your number
And with concern for what
may (not) come

The Great Green Wall

A great wall – not to separate people, to unite them. The great green wall is an ambitious project launched by the African Union, bringing together more than 20 African countries to stop the effects of desertification near the Sahara Desert and to restore the degraded land. The aim is to finish the project and […]

Еден ден

Сите политичари, банкари, пензионери, болничари, програмери….. ќе се сложат и ќе знаат дека се индивидуи, а не маса Дека нивниот труд се цени, а не се експлоатира И нивните главоболки за подобро утре ќе осамнат, а грижите за ненахранетите деца ќе исчезнат Сметките за вода, струја… нема да бидат причина за караница помеѓу ниеден пар, […]

VOICES May 2020

Home is strongly connected with safety and peace. Either you will call a home your family house, your favourite place that got your heart from the beginning, your country or the whole world. There are many definitions. But it should always mean that at home you’re safe and peaceful. Everyday now you probably hear the […]